Extra Points: R. Wilson, Brady, Manziel, Wake

The Seahawks seem to have two options to retain quarterback Russell Wilson: work out an extension (negotiations of which don’t seem to be going well), or use one of the franchise tags (either exclusive or non-exclusive). But could a third scenario be on the table? Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk outlines a situation which would involve Seattle ultimately trading Wilson — after placing the exclusive tag on him next March — for a bevy of draft picks and/or another starting quarterback. It’s probably an unlikely sequence of events, but it’s at least an option for the Seahawks if talks on a long-term deal continue to stall.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • More from Florio, who proposes a solution to the Tom Brady appeal situation — converting the Patriots quarterback’s four-game suspension into a four-game fine. The NFL, writes Florio, would still be able to claim that it’s severely punishing Brady, as he’d be losing about $1.88MM. And Brady, for his part, would be able to say that he accepted the fine because it meant he could play immediately. There are some problems with the plan, as Florio points out — the league would be accused of not being tough enough on cheating, Brady would be appear to be admitting guilt — but it’s not completely far-fetched.
  • Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther has some advice for height-challenged Browns QB Johnny Manziel: act like Drew Brees. That’s easier said than done, of course, but Guenther was referring to Brees’ ability to move ability to operate from within the pocket despite also being on the shorter side for a quarterback. Speaking to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com, Guenther — whose Bengals defense stymied Manziel in his first start — says the Texas A&M product has the ability to be a solid quarterback in the NFL, especially in the right system.
  • Cameron Wake spent a chunk of time in the Canadian Football League before finding success with the Dolphins, and he endorses the league as a stepping stone of sorts for younger players. “I think it’s a good move for anybody if you get an opportunity. I loved it in my time there,” Wake told James Walker of ESPN.com. “It was an opportunity to get out there and play. If you have the desire to get back [to the NFL], teams kind of grab those guys. To get out there and play the game just for the love of the game was a great opportunity for me.”
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