PFR Originals: 8/16/15 – 8/23/15

The original content and analysis produced by the PFR staff during the past seven days:

  • We continued our Offseason in Review series, looking back at each club’s additions, losses, trades, draft picks, coaching moves, and more. Connor Byrne examined the 49ers, Zach Links went over the Raiders, and Sam Robinson covered the Broncos.
  • In our Community Tailgate series, we post topics for discussion, encouraging readers to post their thoughts in the comments section. The issues covered by Luke Adams and Zach:
    • What should the Seahawks do about Kam Chancellor‘s contract? (link)
    • What will Eli Manning‘s contract look like? (link)
    • Who will win Offensive Rookie of the Year? (link)
    • Who will win Defensive Rookie of the Year? (link)
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