Community Tailgate: Winless Teams

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Through three weeks of the 2015 NFL season, 28 of the league’s 32 teams have managed to record at least one victory, with the Seahawks, Eagles, and Colts among the clubs that got into the win column in Week 3. However, that still leaves four teams that have lost all three of their games so far — the Ravens, Bears, Lions, and Saints.

While most of those teams didn’t show up in many preseason Super Bowl predictions, they all had playoff aspirations, and it will be a significant uphill battle for any of them to earn a postseason berth now. The Bears and Saints are in particularly rough shape, with their starting quarterbacks banged up and out of action this past weekend.

Here are the upcoming schedules for all four teams over the next five weeks, as they look to turn their respective seasons around:

  • Baltimore Ravens: at Steelers, vs. Browns, at 49ers, at Cardinals, vs. Chargers
  • Chicago Bears: vs. Raiders, at Chiefs, at Lions, Bye, vs. Vikings
  • Detroit Lions: at Seahawks, vs. Cardinals, vs. Bears, vs. Vikings, at Chiefs
  • New Orleans Saints: vs. Cowboys, at Eagles, vs. Falcons, at Colts, vs. Giants

None of those schedules are a cakewalk, but there are some winnable games in the mix. The Saints, for instance, should be favored against the Tony Romo-less Cowboys if Drew Brees returns to action this weekend. The Ravens have the underachieving Browns and Niners on their schedule. And the Bears and Lions play each other in Week 6, so at least one of them should come out of that game with a victory.

What are your thoughts on the NFL’s four remaining winless team? Will any of them turn things around and make a run at a postseason spot? Which team will take the longest to pick up a win? Will be seeing two or three of these clubs at the top of the 2016 draft order? Weigh in below in the comments section!

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One comment on “Community Tailgate: Winless Teams

  1. Rob DiRe

    I think the only one of those with a prayer of turning things around is the Ravens. Getting a Mike Vick-led Steelers’ offense followed by the 49ers and Browns, they could bring this back to 3-3 and have a shot to make noise in the AFC.

    Coincidentally, they also are the best team of that group, even if they are aren’t as good as they were a year ago. The Bears and Saints would still be in trouble if they had their quarterbacks healthy, and the Lions are going to drop to 0-4 next Monday night in Seattle.


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