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SUNDAY, 11:45am: Citing Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that the Seahawks plan to take a “sizable chunk” of the money that Chancellor stands to lose as a result of his holdout. As Florio points out, it is one thing to not pay Chancellor the $534K of salary he has not earned, but it is quite another to ask him to refund money that he has already paid taxes on. It remains unclear exactly what a “sizable chunk” means, but regardless of what Seattle demands from Chancellor, the safety will undoubtedly seek to recoup it and then some when the two sides revisit his contract next year.

WEDNESDAY, 6:12pm: Kam Chancellor‘s holdout cost him $1.1MM in fines, $500K in signing-bonus forfeiture, and about $534K in lost salary for a total of about $2.134MM in potential lost earnings. Today, he decided enough was enough and returned to his team. What does this all mean for the 0-2 Seahawks and for Chancellor’s future in Seattle? Here’s the latest..

  • Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the holdout started because the two sides couldn’t agree on an adjustment to Chancellor’s contract that would have applied in 2016, Mike Florio of PFT writes. In August, the team and Chancellor had a tentative understanding that Chancellor would be paid like one of the top safeties in the game starting in 2016. The Seahawks later pulled that off the table, citing a concern about setting a precedent for others. In the preseason, however, Seattle offered a revised deal worth less money than that proposal, which made Chancellor even more angry.
  • Chancellor said he’ll handle business things – like a contract – after the season, Ian Rapoport of tweets. It’s not surprising to hear that the two sides will table discussions until after the season is through, though the safety is probably expecting some major changes at that point. Rapoport adds that Chancellor believes he’ll play this Sunday.
  • The safety must write the commissioner seeking reinstatement to the active roster before he can play, Jason La Canfora of tweets. Once Goodell signs off, Chancellor moves from the reserve/did not report list to the active roster. The Seahawks can then seek roster exemptions of up to two weeks (link). In this case, however, no one expects the team to seek any more than a few days at most (link).
  • Teammate Michael Bennett praised Chancellor for reporting to the club, as Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times tweets. Michael Bennett on the return of Chancellor: “It takes a man to come in when the world is against you,’‘ Bennett said.
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One comment on “Latest On Seahawks, Kam Chancellor

  1. cletus

    “Per a source with knowledge of the situation…”

    Uh huh. Same “source” that was talking about $4 million, $3.1 million, $900 thousand, etc., etc.? Why aren’t those numbers being cited here? After all, that was -the- narrative (via an unnamed source) for weeks now.

    As soon as someone is willing to step up to a microphone and answer questions about their “information,” I’ll believe it. Until then, it’s just more shadow crap from someone with an agenda.


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