Weigh In With Your NFL Predictions

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The 2015 NFL season officially kicks off in just a few hours! In advance of tonight’s contest between the Steelers and Patriots, the writers at Pro Football Rumors weighed in with projections for the upcoming year. We’ve predicted which teams will earn playoff berths, which clubs will win their respective conferences, the Super Bowl champion, and the winners of the league’s major awards.

Can the Packers still finish as a top team despite the absence of Jordy Nelson? Three of our writers say yes and have picked Green Bay to win it all. However, the Colts are also picked to make noise in 2015 behind Andrew Luck, who wound up as a popular pick to win MVP.

We gave you our thoughts – now we want to know what you think! Let us know in the comment section who you think will win the Super Bowl, MVP, and all of the other major awards this season.



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3 comments on “Weigh In With Your NFL Predictions

  1. Jason

    Superbowl: Patriots over Cowboys (Superbowl MVP: LaGarrette Blount)
    MVP: JJ Watt DE HOU
    Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brady QB NE
    Defensive Player of the Year: JJ Watt DE HOU
    Offensive Rookie of the Year: Ameer Abdullah RB DET
    Defensive Rookie of the Year: Justin Coleman CB NE
    Coach of the Year: Mike Zimmer MIN (MIN makes playoffs)
    Comeback Player of the Year: Jerod Mayo LB NE/ Adrian Peterson RB MIN (undecided on which one ends up winning)

  2. Dylan

    Super Bowl: Pats over Giants (MVP SG3)
    MVP: Brady
    OPOTY: Antonio Brown
    DPOTY: Watt
    OROTY: Ameer Abdullah
    DROTY: Trae wayans
    COTY: Dan Quinn
    CPOTY: Mayo

  3. Dustin

    1) Pats 2) Dolphins 3) Bills 4) Jets
    1) Pitt 2) Ravens 3) Cincy 4) Browns
    1) Colts 2) Texans 3) Jags 4) Titans
    1) Denver 2) Chiefs 3) San diego 4) Oakland
    1) Cowboys 2) Philly 3) Giants 4) Wash
    1) Saints 2) Falcons 3) Panthers 4) Bucs
    1) Packers 2) Vikings 3) Lions 4) Bears
    1) Seattle 2) Cards 3) Rams 4)49ers

    MVP Andrew Luck
    Offensive Player of the year Andrew Luck
    Defensive Player of the year JJ Watt
    Offensive Rookie Todd Gurley
    Defensive Rookie Shaq Thompson
    Comeback Adrian Peterson
    Coach of the Year Mike Zimmer
    SuperBowl Pitt vs Green bay


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