Community Tailgate: Undefeated NFL Teams

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While no NFL team is in danger of going 0-16 this season, there are a handful of teams whose hopes of a 16-0 campaign are still alive. Through six weeks, an impressive five teams remain undefeated, with three of those clubs holding a 6-0 record. The three 6-0 teams are the Broncos, the Bengals, and the Packers, while the Patriots and Panthers sit atop their respective divisions with 5-0 records.

Green Bay and Denver, typically offensive powerhouses led by Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning, have been buoyed by their defense in the early going, each limiting opposing teams to about 17 points per game. Cincinnati and New England, meanwhile, have dominated on the offensive side of the ball, with the Bengals averaging over 30 points per contest, while the Pats put up nearly 37 a game. The final undefeated club, Carolina, had its first statement win in Week 6, defeating the Seahawks in Seattle, thanks to an impressive showing from Cam Newton.

All five teams look very likely to make the postseason, and it’s possible that one will even make a run at an undefeated season. But not all five are created equal. What do you think? Which of the five undefeated clubs looks the strongest, or the weakest? How would you rank these five teams at this point in the season, and going forward?

Weigh in below in the comments section to let us know your thoughts!

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6 comments on “Community Tailgate: Undefeated NFL Teams

    • Luke Adams

      This sounds about right to me. I don’t fully trust the Broncos and Panthers yet, but the Bengals are winning me over, and the Patriots and Packers are pretty proven commodities at this point. Also, not that it matters when we’re just comparing these teams to one another, but I feel like Carolina is the most likely of the five to lose their division, with the 5-1 Falcons lurking.

  1. Dylan

    Patriots, Bengals, packers, panthers, Broncos. Last week I would’ve flipped packers with bengals but Green Bay gave up over 500 yards to a qb who didn’t have a lot of stud players to throw to. Panthers I love their denfense in just worried out the targets, feel like they should try to get a Vernon Davis to add a big target with Olsen. Broncos don’t deserve to be undefeated they’re a really bad offense with a defense that scores more than the offense

  2. Sam Robinson

    As for being the most complete right now, I’d say Bengals-Patriots-Packers-Broncos-Panthers. In terms of the order of teams I’d most trust to win playoff games, I’d go Patriots-Packers-Broncos-Bengals-Panthers. Cincinnati’s looked dominant and has one of the few great offensive lines in the game this year to go with a balanced, talented skill corps. The Bengals’ recent history is the only thing holding me back from making them the AFC favorite.


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