Community Tailgate: Will Bears Keep Dealing?

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In-season NFL trades aren’t particularly common, particularly deals involving established veteran contributors. However, the Bears made two deals that week that featured noteworthy players. Chicago sent five-time Pro Bowler Jared Allen to the Panthers, then turned around and dealt linebacker Jonathan Bostic, who has 17 career starts and is still just 24 years old, to New England.

While the Bears aren’t giving up on this season yet, and aren’t necessarily holding a fire sale, this week’s trades were a sign that the club is accelerating its rebuilding process, looking ahead to the 2016 season and jettisoning players who aren’t ideal fits for the new coaching staff.

Of course, there are bigger-name players on the roster who may not have a future with Chicago beyond this year. The most interesting case is that of running back Matt Forte, who will see his contract expire at season’s end — Forte and the Bears don’t appear to have engaged in meaningful extension discussions, and while the team reportedly isn’t shopping him, he looks like a logical potential trade candidate.

Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery is another player in a contract year, but he’s just 25 years old and is coming off consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. While Jeffery’s trade value might be higher than Forte’s, the Bears are more likely to want to lock him up by extending his deal beyond this year.

Forte and Jeffery aren’t the only Bears who are eligible for free agency in 2016. Shea McClellin, Jeremiah Ratliff, and Alan Ball are among the players on the other side of the ball that could hit the open market, and there are plenty of others with uncertain futures in Chicago, including Jay Cutler, whose contract becomes slightly easier to move on from as each year passes.

What do you think? Are the Bears done making moves for now, or should they keep dealing and get what they can for some of the veteran players on their roster? Will Forte or Jeffery remain with Chicago beyond this year’s trade deadline? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!

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5 comments on “Community Tailgate: Will Bears Keep Dealing?

  1. TJECK109

    If this was Major League Baseball I could see Chicago going with a fire sale as they have some attractive pieces that would bring them a decent return to help spur a rebuilding process. But you don’t hire John Fox to be around for a rebuild and the way the cap is setup it’s nearly impossible to make trades of players like Forte or Cutler without taking commitments back.

  2. jeff

    I could see a guy like Willie Young being traded, he was fairly productive last year. His current health questions lower his value though. He’d have to play and show he was sound. He’s at best going to bring back a 5th rounder. Cutler, no way. They have no replacement for him, and his contract this year will block anyone. It may be that with Jared Allen gone, a guy like Lamar Houston will get more time, with that and improving health being in his favor. But, if we see him still on the bench, he could be gone as well. Another guy worth no more than a 5th. I would be surprised if they move Forte, but Martellus Bennett could be dealt, and he could bring the most, a temporary replacement and maybe a 4th round pick. I think they are looking at doing the volume thing; pick as many as they can, panning for gold, silver, even shiny rocks will do.

  3. aarongill

    Trade soon to be free agents who you won’t be able to keep

  4. papabearmi

    I don’t see why they would keep Forte, unless they plan on a new contract. I would not resign him because of his age. It’s better to trade a plyer a year too early then a year too late. Jeffery, I would sign to a long term contract. We don’t know how White will be as a receiver and even if he’s great you need more than one good receiver. McClellin, I would trade to anyone stupid enough to want him. He’s lost on the field, and doesn’t tackle worth crap. This is the time to load up on picks, get rid of the old guys and go new!


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