Jason Pierre-Paul To Report In Next Two Weeks

Jason Pierre-Paul is coming off an offseason that can be kindly described as tumultuous. After injuring his hand in a fireworks accident during July 4th weekend and then the back and forth between him and the Giants concern the state of his health, it has been a tough time to be a Giants fan.

All will be forgiven when he returns to the team and proves he can still perform, and that might not be as far away as one might have thought. Jason Cole of Bleacher Report has a source that believes Pierre-Paul will report to the Giants within the next two weeks.

He questions whether that will bring him back in time for the Giants matchup against the 49ers on October 11th. Even if he comes back before that game, it is highly unlikely he is healthy enough to play so soon, and even if he is, it is doubtful old-school Tom Coughlin would even consider putting him on the field.

Pierre-Paul has been working with veteran defensive line coach, who is helping him learn to compensate his game for the injuries to his hand.

Still, the Pro Bowl defensive end would have to pass the physical with the team, and Cole says it would be very easy for the Giants to fail him on that physical considering the damage to his hand. It would depend on whether the team wants him on the field as to whether they decide to pass him.

Obviously wanting to get paid and reach free agency at season’s end, Pierre-Paul is trying his hardest to prove he can still play and perform at a high level. If the Giants fail him on his physical, it will likely return to the battle between the two sides that started in the hospital room this past July.

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