St. Louis Finalizes Plan For New Rams Stadium

The St. Louis stadium task force appears to have finalized its financial plan to build a $1 billion NFL stadium, as Jacob Kirn of the St. Louis Business Journal writes. The task force submitted a term sheet to the league, outlining how stadium construction would be funded and how the local government plans to share revenue with the team playing there. The financial plan could be key in helping to retain the Rams, though there is still a great deal of in-fighting amongst local officials. It also doesn’t help that Rams owner Stan Kroenke seems hellbent on taking his team to Los Angeles, regardless of what the city of St. Louis has to offer financially.

Owners have been waiting anxiously to see that financial plan, Peter King of The MMQB writes. St. Louis stadium task force chief Dave Peacock tells King that he is confident in the proposal.

The only step after that,” said Peacock, “is we have to get the support of the alderman of St. Louis, which would take about four weeks. We feel the support is there to get this done. We want a long-term lease, a 30-year lease, and we’re glad the league wants this term sheet to examine our proposal. It shows they seriously want to consider our proposal.”

Peacock also doesn’t think that there is irreparable damage between Kroenke and the city, despite the way things appear from the outside.

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One comment on “St. Louis Finalizes Plan For New Rams Stadium

  1. Luke Adams

    As has been the case all along, the St. Louis stadium plan looks much more fully-formed than anything coming out of Oakland or San Diego, but Kroenke’s L.A. plan might be the most viable as well. Very curious to see how this plays out — it’s hard to imagine St. Louis ending up without a team next year.


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