Calvin Johnson Considering Retirement

8:05pm: Calvin Johnson is serious about considering retirement, and he’s mentioned his thoughts to Lions teammates over the last few weeks, Ian Rapoport of tweets.

Meanwhile, a source tells Ed Werder of (on Twitter) that Johnson told his mother that he isn’t sure he wants to play any more. Johnson cleaned out his Lions locker at the end of the season, unlike other veteran players on the team. “Calvin is the kind of guy who says, “If I don’t feel I’m into this 100%, then I need to decide if want to be in at all,” a source close to Megatron told Werder (link).

1:30pm: Most discussion and speculation involving Calvin Johnson in recent weeks has centered around the question of whether the Lions will consider cutting the veteran receiver or asking him to take a pay cut this offseason. However, it sounds like there’s no guarantee Johnson will even continue his playing career in 2016.Calvin Johnson

“Like many players at this stage of their career, I am currently evaluating options for my future,” Johnson said in a statement, per Tim Twentyman of (Twitter links). “I would expect to have a decision regarding this matter in the not-too-distant future.”

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press confirms that Johnson has mentioned the subject of retirement to at least one former teammate, and writes that several people who know the 30-year-old believe that scenario is not out of the question.

While it would be a shock if Megatron walked away from the NFL this year, all the wear and tear he has endured over his career has made him consider the possibility, according to Birkett, who notes that the Lions wideout has been plagued by ankle and finger issues in recent years.

Since leading the NFL with 122 receptions and 1,964 yards in 2012, Johnson has seen his production decline a little. Still, he continued to be one of the league’s more productive pass catchers in 2015, with 88 catches, 1,214 yards, and nine touchdowns.

Johnson remains under contract with the Lions for four more seasons, but his deal doesn’t include any more guaranteed money, and his cap hit is set to increase to $24MM+ in 2016. The Lions could nearly cut that figure in half by releasing the former second overall pick, or could create nearly $16MM (the amount of his 2016 salary) in cap savings by cutting him with a post-June 1 designation. So if Megatron does decide to keep playing, he and the Lions may have to agree to a reworked contract, assuming he wants to remain in Detroit.

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14 comments on “Calvin Johnson Considering Retirement

  1. Bazingaa

    Good let the lions cut him, would be the perfect target to compliment Steve smith on the Ravens

    • SgtRedBull

      The Ravens have the cap space? I was under impression they are hard against it.

  2. Francisco

    He will be a NE Patriot. Just like Randy Moss at end of career.

  3. slpdajab55

    Dang it, I knew I should have traded him off my dynasty team.

  4. Polar bear 49er

    Likely become an Az Cardinals hot commodity they are seriously contenders

    • MattyWil

      Except they have enough wr? Fitz,Floyd,brown probably the least needed position on that roster

  5. TheMichigan

    I believe no one is getting him, he’s had a series of injuries. It’s just time to tell if he will retire if he does I hope and know he will try his best to help out society

  6. cjh815

    I don’t believe he’ll retire. I just believe he want out of Detroit .He want to win . I do have trade that could help 3 teams that could make since . Between lions, Browns and Cowboys

    Cowboys get
    Wr. Calvin Johnson
    Wr. Josh Gordon
    Qb Johnny manziel
    T joe Thomas
    Lions 3 and 5 round
    Cleveland’s 7 round pic
    Lions get
    2 pic from the Browns
    4 pic from the Cowboys
    Cb Justin Gilbert
    Olb Anthony Hitchens
    Qb Keller Moore
    Ilb Damien Williams
    Wr Terrance Williams
    Browns get
    Qb Mathew stafford
    Lions 2nd round pick
    Cb brandon Carr
    T Doug free
    G Ron Leary (rf)
    Wr Devon street
    Te Galvin Escobar
    Ss j.j. Wilcox
    One of Dallas 6 round pick
    Now Calvin Johnson
    J Gordon
    Lt smith
    Witten may be dez would have to take pay cut to make this work but if they did this trade could work
    This trade
    Dallas taken on next year 24.766.872
    Lions 15.718.500 which would open more salery cap for them around 12 million
    Brown would be taken on 25.464.158 that still leave 12 cap space for them if Carr stafford free don’t take pay cuts for them
    This trade would help all three teams

  7. cjh815

    This trade would help Cowboys given them 2 more Wr that romo could through to give them ball up Qb Thomas could move to right tackle and give cowboy best off line maybe in history
    Then the could resign McClain sign de still have 7 pic to use on player
    Give brown starting Qb they been look for help cb off line help replacement at Wr Te Ss and give them two 2nd round pics and they still have money to spend
    And for lions
    Who need to rebuild get out bad contract and give them good plays
    They would have 2 4 16 pics starting cb olb Wr MLB, back up Qb and a lot more cap space that they could use on free agents . So if play going to Cowboys and the teams could make his trade work I think it could work for all three teams . And cowboy nation think about have romo manziel and maybe rg III throwing to dez gordan Johnson Witten Beasley then if they resign Dunbar they could have Dunbar McFadden and if Eagles release Murray and he come back to Dallas nice rb core
    And maybe Dallas could trade 5 they get from brown to Seattle jimmy graham if he will take pay cut they could have him what off and if buffalo release William they could sign him
    Draft scooby wright in 2nd round trade back up in 2 nd round draft de Shawn oakman
    Draft 4 round bush
    6 round draft Dt then maybe have round 4 to 5 million left to sign cb Claiborne Dt fairley MLB McClain Wilber Heath clutts wisniewski Crawford Wr David Nelson ilb Casey Mathews
    Ss Taylor mays Wr hankerson fb Zach line
    Cb sterling Moore back that would give Cowboys super team and

    • JT19

      He’s back! I see you’ve moved from baseball to football. There are sooooooooo many “ifs” with this deal you’ve conjured. Drafting guys in certain parts of the draft is a lot of luck since teams can be higher on a guy than the other teams. And in what world does $4-$5 million sign 14 guys?? Even if every guy took half a million each that would still be more than $4-$5 million.

  8. drum18

    Not a Lions fan, but I enjoyed watching Johnson play. If he doesn’t get a reworked – guaranteed money – in Detroit, there’s certainly plenty of contenders that would jump to acquire him.
    The “retirement” “not into this 100%” lines are a ploy. If he wasn’t taking this stance, he’d be holding out in the summer.


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