Chip Kelly Notes: Eagles, Belichick, Navy

Reaction to Chip Kelly’s firing in Philadelphia has been widespread, as it is one of the biggest surprise decisions to come this season. Many have weighed in with opinions and theories as to what went wrong, and offered ideas for what the next step in Kelly’s career would be.

Here are a few more notes coming from the aftermath of that decision:

  • A lack of success ultimately doomed Kelly, but Jeff McClane of the Philadelphia Inquirer opines on a few other reasons the Eagles decided to move on from the embattled head coach. Chief among them was a lack of transparency. McClane points to Kelly’s insistence that he wasn’t the general manager, when everyone knew he had final say in personnel decisions. He also cited releasing DeSean Jackson because of his size, while re-signing the under 6’0″ Jeremy Maclin and targeting undersized receivers Josh Hugg and Nelson Algohor in the draft, and the challenged notion that LeSean McCoy wouldn’t restructure his contract.
  • Kelly seems to have had the support of another NFL coach in Bill Belichick, who was disappointed the Eagles were so quick to make a decision on their coach, writes Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe“Yeah, I would say it’s really disappointing,” said Belichick. “Chip Kelly is a good football coach, I think he’s done a good job with that team. It’s disappointing to see. Josh [McDaniels] in Denver, I mean there’s a lot of examples. Pretty much everyone is on a one-year contract in this league. I don’t know how you build a program in one year.”
  • While Kelly might want to stay in the NFL, Chris Mortensen of ESPN believes the former Oregon coach would be intrigued by the Navy coaching job if the position became available.
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