Community Tailgate: Best Head Coach Hire?

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With the NFL postseason in full swing, and four intriguing divisional playoff games on tap for this weekend, the league would probably like the focus to be on those games, and on the build-up to Super Bowl 50. Instead, this week’s news cycle has been dominated by Los Angeles relocation and head coaching changes, with several teams announcing new head coaches within the last few days.

In today’s Community Tailgate, we’re looking for your thoughts on those head coaching hires. Did any teams make mistakes by firing their previous coaches, or by not choosing a different replacement? Which hire do you like most? Are there any candidates who didn’t get a shot at a head coaching job this time around that you think would have been better choices for the teams making changes?

Here’s a recap of the changes made so far, via our tracker:

  • Cleveland Browns hired Hue Jackson to replace Mike Pettine.
  • Miami Dolphins hired Adam Gase to replace Dan Campbell (interim)/Joe Philbin (permanent).
  • New York Giants hired Ben McAdoo to replace Tom Coughlin.
  • Philadelphia Eagles are hiring Doug Pederson to replace Pat Shurmur (interim)/Chip Kelly (permanent).
  • San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly to replace Jim Tomsula.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Dirk Koetter to replace Lovie Smith.

What do you think of the hires? Which moves do you like the best, or the least? Which coaches that didn’t get a shot should have received stronger consideration? Weigh in below in the comments section with your thoughts!

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14 comments on “Community Tailgate: Best Head Coach Hire?

  1. kabphillie

    There isn’t one hire that stands out over the others, because I don’t think there is a home run coach in the group. Perhaps Chip Kelly to the 49ers is the sexiest pick only because of Kaepernick and his apparent fit for what Kelly wants to do. I still don’t think it will be perfect though.

  2. Mac

    I think this hire will be the best thing for Winston to continue his development, however, will DK be able to get the right DC to improve our pourous defense; and also resigning Martin will be important too. Never cared for Lovie’s laidback coaching style, always looked to me like he was just standing on sidelines WATCHING the game, not trying to control it.

  3. Ernesto

    Gass to Miami is the best hire. He will have a huge impact in Ryan T. Pending on their pick for DC, Miami has the talent to be a legit contender.
    Worst pick up I’d say is with the bucs. I’ve never been a huge fan of hiring from within simply because the front office is intending to move away from who ever they are firing. Granted there will be continuity for Winston, I still believe that behind Miami, Tampa was the more intriguing option to coach at with the talent they have on offense.

  4. Silent_Partner

    Hard to admit this, but the Browns with the Hue Jackson hire by a mile. He knows personnel even without a personnel man (he was on Palmer before verybody else was on him as an elite QB 5 years ago), the Browns were leading the division late in 2014 before starting the Manziel eara, and then bringing in Mcown who went 2-14 in Tampa before being a large part of that 3-13 for Pettine. Plus you weaken a division rival and get a guy who is intimately knowledgeable of 2 of the franchises from the inside and knows the other from coaching against them. Homerun hire. The rest will be replaced in 2 or 3 years.

  5. Silent_Partner

    The problem with the Gase hire is that he’s still being tied to Tannehill by the other big problem there, Tannenbaum making all the decisions for the organization. You’re walking in the door with both hands tied behind your back. Koetter was a mediocre major conference college coach (2-19 vs. ranked opponents at not exactly New Mexico State), and I have yet to see guy who failed at that then get better in the pros later regardless of subsequent coordinator experience in the NFL (and his OC experience isn’t exactly Bill Walsh’s resume). Chip Kelly has basically built his rep on beating bad teams. The hurry up stuff didn’t work with Jim Kelly and the Bills using a real pro offense with many plays. Never going to work with a guy apparently running 10 plays over and over again, but Navarro Bowman should break the tackling record next year from all the time he will be on the field. The Giants didn’t change anything, so that should go well, lol.


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