Raiders Discussing Oakland Stadium Lease

While the Raiders have made today’s biggest news splash for their reported exploration on a potential relocation to Las Vegas, they are also negotiating to keep their current options open.

The team is negotiating a short-term lease with Coliseum, Scott Bair of reports.

This means the Raiders, while still discussing long-term solutions in the Bay Area and in other cities, are negotiating another one-year lease extension to play the 2016 season in Oakland. The Raiders have played the past two seasons on one-year extensions, Bair reports.

This continues to provide short-term security while making the franchise technically a free agent again after the season, should this extension become an agreement.

Mark Davis wouldn’t commit to an Oakland return at the relocation meetings earlier this month, but these discussions are making that seem probable for the 2016 season while the last-place Los Angeles finisher contemplates further maneuvers.

For the Raiders to move before this season, they would need the 24-votes majority the Rams received, and they’d need it before the relocation window closes Feb. 15. They remain in line behind the Chargers for a Los Angeles move.

As of today, the Chargers are still considering their options on whether to join the Rams in Inglewood.

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One comment on “Raiders Discussing Oakland Stadium Lease

  1. Mark P

    “Mr. Davis, how many years do you want in the extension?”
    “Just one, baby.”


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