Police Investigating Johnny Manziel

MONDAY, 4:02pm: A sworn statement from Crowley indicates Manziel struck her on the left ear during their altercation Jan. 30, and the blow left her unable to hear out of that ear when she provided the statement two days later, via Scott Gordon of NBCDFW.com.

Prior to this, the couple argued about another woman Manziel was reportedly seeing, according to Crowley’s affidavit, and the argument escalated to the point he led Crowley to her car forcibly from a hotel room at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas.

Manziel, the statement indicates, then “threw” Crowley into the passenger seat of her car as he planned to drive her home. Once in the car, Crowley then left the vehicle and hid behind bushes. But Manziel, the affidavit states, performed a U-turn and dragged Crowley by the hair back into the passenger seat. After Manziel hit Crowley on the ear, she struck Manziel several times in an attempt to leave the vehicle again only to see him “throw [her] off of him” and onto the floor of the passenger side.

The statement then indicates Manziel said, “Shut up or I’ll kill us both” as Crowley cried. Once back at Crowley’s Fort Worth apartment, Manziel smashed Crowley’s phone before she grabbed a knife. According to her statement, Manziel then fled Crowley’s apartment.

Crowley’s request for a two-year restraining order was granted.

SATURDAY, 8:19pm: The off-field struggles of Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel dominated the early-morning headlines — not only did Manziel’s agent part ways with him, but the Cleveland signal-caller reportedly refused to enter a rehabilitation clinic. There’s now a bit more news on the embattled Browns QB, so let’s take a look at the latest:

  • The Dallas Police Department has in fact opened a criminal investigation regarding the domestic violence clams against Manziel, the DPD announced.
  • While reports yesterday indicated that no charges would be filed against Manziel, Crowley has given a statement to the Dallas Police Department and has indeed requested that charges are filed, according to Lopez (Twitter link).

Earlier updates:

  • A judge has issued a protective order that requires Manziel to stay away from his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, for two years, and also mandates that him to pay $12K in legal fees, reports Rebecca Lopez of WFAA (Twitter link). Manziel was involved in an incident with Crowley last month — the disturbing details of which have recently come to light — and the judge found that there “was reason to believe that family violence occurred,” tweets Lopez.
  • Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has tried to reach Manziel on several occasions, and received no response, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (Twitter link), who adds that Haslam seemed “frustrated [and] emotional.” Rapoport also passes along the full text of Haslam’s comments to the media via Twitter.
  • The Cowboys had no interest in acquiring Manziel even before his latest off-field troubles, as team sources tell Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Manziel “was never on [the Cowboys’] radar.” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has long been rumored to be intrigued by Manziel, but Hill reports that Dallas’ front office remains steadfast in its opposition to bringing in Manziel, who is expected to be cut by the Browns. For his part, Manziel reportedly has expressed a desire to play for the Cowboys.

Sam Robinson contributed to this report

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11 comments on “Police Investigating Johnny Manziel

  1. TJECK109

    I have a feeling a civil case will be coming in the near future. The girlfriend did state she had still been experiencing loss of hearing.

  2. i hate the coowbodd

    Jones would sign him if saten was sitting on his shoulder two peas in a pod what a disgusting mess they both need a lot of help n neither one thinks they need it!!!

  3. KYRedSox17

    If “Saten” isn’t on his shoulder Johnny is walking.

  4. Randy Martin

    Let’s agree that Manziel is an idiot. But just for the record you cannot be hit on the eardrum. The eardrum is internal and unless he jammed his hand inside her ear you cannot hit an eardrum.


    This sounds like BS to me, they were arguing over another woman. So she was mad….but she didn’t hit him until he hit her, and she just happened to be thrown to the floor board. Maybe Johnny was trying to take her drunk ass home and didn’t want to be hit anymore while driving. Sounds like Johnny is trying to move on, and she feels like she needs to get paid. Get a good lawyer Johnny and sue her for defamation if you didn’t do it like she says. If not this will hang over you forever.

  6. mcdusty31

    She sounds like a nice girl…I mean, I agree that Manziel is an idiot himself and needs to grow up but I’m no longer getting the without a doubt feeling on this one


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