NFLPA Announces Cap Carryover Amounts

The NFL Players Association issued a press release today announcing the salary cap carryover amounts for all 32 NFL teams for the 2016 season. The official salary cap amount for 2016 has yet to be announced by the league, but it’s expected to be in the neighborhood of $155MM+. When that figures becomes official, it can be added to each team’s carryover amount to determine that club’s official cap for 2016.

According to the press release, the Broncos, Rams, and the Saints are the only teams that opted not to carry over the full amount available to them, though none of those clubs are believed to have left significant amounts on the table.

Here are the salary cap carryover amounts for 2016, per the NFLPA, from highest to lowest:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: $32,774,928
  2. Tennessee Titans: $20,783,801
  3. Cleveland Browns: $20,734,144
  4. Oakland Raiders: $13,373,617
  5. San Francisco 49ers: $12,206,686
  6. New York Giants: $11,193,231
  7. Miami Dolphins: $9,137,544
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $7,987,748
  9. Cincinnati Bengals: $7,587,902
  10. Philadelphia Eagles: $7,255,362
  11. Green Bay Packers: $6,953,847
  12. Washington: $5,837,734
  13. Indianapolis Colts: $4,950,629
  14. Buffalo Bills: $4,467,331
  15. Atlanta Falcons: $3,905,771
  16. Carolina Panthers: $3,731,200
  17. Dallas Cowboys: $3,571,239
  18. Denver Broncos: $3,300,000
  19. Arizona Cardinals: $3,031,663
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers: $3,000,327
  21. Kansas City Chiefs: $2,622,838
  22. New York Jets: $2,484,216
  23. San Diego Chargers: $2,287,176
  24. Minnesota Vikings: $2,090,409
  25. Houston Texans: $1,637,055
  26. Baltimore Ravens: $1,633,944
  27. New Orleans Saints: $1,400,000
  28. New England Patriots: $1,347,882
  29. Los Angeles Rams: $933,521
  30. Chicago Bears: $867,589
  31. Detroit Lions: $862,191
  32. Seattle Seahawks: $11,587
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8 comments on “NFLPA Announces Cap Carryover Amounts

  1. wishesgrantd

    Can anyone explain why a team wouldn’t carry over the maximum they’re allowed to?

    • Big Nasty

      Like any sport they are required to spend a portion of there cap or they lose it. I believe is between 70 to 80 percent of the cap space

    • Luke Adams

      I believe it has something to do with player incentives (ie. the cap space they didn’t carry over wasn’t technically “unused” because they had to pay out certain incentives), but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Darren

      The Hawks will be around 29 million under the cap for this year. Those teams with the big carry over suck because they don’t spend the money. I would rather be rolling over 11 grand and be good then carry over 32 million and be the Jags.

  2. TJECK109

    Look at the top teams on this list compared to their draft position. Of the top 6 on this list only the Raiders pick outside the top 10.

    • Worzelmangel

      To be fair the Giants held onto their cap space for JPP and then he blew up his hand.

  3. Anon123456

    I also think that a team may not carry over all of the cap space if they plan to use some of it in their end of year extensions with players before the new year (but may be wrong and can’t think of another reason why).


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