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It sounds like the Colin Kaepernick saga is not close to a resolution. The Broncos are pushing for Colin Kaepernick to agree to a drastic salary reduction that would call for him to earn $7MM in 2016 rather than the $12MM he’s currently scheduled to make. On top of that, as Tim Kawakami of The Mercury News writes, Denver is looking for the 49ers quarterback to also take pay cuts in each of the remaining years of his deal. NFL: San Diego Chargers at San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers, as we’ve heard before, are unwilling to help bridge the gap by paying off part of Kaepernick’s contract. Meanwhile, Kaepernick’s camp is fairly committed to either keeping the salaries in tact or letting him hit free agency next offseason, when his controlling team could cut him loose before his salary becomes guaranteed for 2017. Kaepernick is not unwilling to take a pay cut, as Kawakami and others have reported, but he is not willing to give up quite this much in the way of guaranteed cash.

Meanwhile, the QB needs at least one more month before he is football-ready, a source tells Mindi Bach of As Mike Florio of PFT writes, that effectively sets a deadline for a potential Kaepernick trade since the 49ers will not want to chance him suffering a serious injury and thereby tanking his trade value. The Broncos believe that if they stand their ground, they will eventually convince the 49ers to eat part of Kaepernick’s salary.

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One comment on “Latest On Broncos, Colin Kaepernick

  1. Thronson5

    This is getting annoying now lol. I really just hope this headache goes away by draft day. Tired of hearing about him already. He does great it’s all we hear about, he sucks it’s all we hear about now this trade stuff and salary stuff is all we hear about. I wish the 9ers would get it together and get rid of the guy one way or another. Draft Goff and let him sit a year to learn the system and move forward. Hope Anthony Davis pulls his head out of the group also because we could really use him and he’s wasting valuable time where he could be getting to know the teams an coaching staff.


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