Rams Notes: No. 1 Pick, Adams, Rose, Palacio

The Rams unquestionably made the most notable move of the week, trading away a collection of picks to the Titans in order to move up to No. 1. Since then, there’s been a number of conflicting reports about exactly which quarterback prospect — Cal’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz — Los Angeles is targeting. While we wait for news to rise to the surface, let’s take a look at a few notes out of LA, both about the Rams’ choice at No. 1 and the draft overall…

  • The Rams could find a way to both secure their quarterback of the future and acquire more picks, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk lays out. If Los Angeles indicates that they’ll be happy with either Goff or Wentz, they could convince a team that is certain it wants one or the other to move up to No. 1 via a three-way deal with the Browns — such a move would allow the Rams to select the remaining QB at No. 2 while giving Cleveland a cache of picks. It’s an unlikely scenario, though the thought process could help explain why Los Angeles hasn’t yet indicated which signal-caller it wants (though GM Les Snead did say he’s “97% sure” which quarterback he’s taking).
  • While the Rams debate which quarterback to select first overall, they worked out another QB at their local pro day, as Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports (Twitter link) that Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams‘ workout went “very well.” Adams, who is expected to be drafted in the later rounds, could be an option for Los Angeles if they want to secure a long-term backup.
  • New Mexico State cornerback Winston Rose also participated in the Rams’ local pro day, as Wilson writes in a piece for the National Football Post. Rose posted three interceptions over 23 games during his career with the Aggies.
  • Washington State’s Kache Palacio met with and worked out for the Rams today, as his agent Brett Tessler tweets. Palacio, who started 36 games at linebacker for the Cougars, is also capable of playing fullback and works on special teams, as Tessler notes.
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4 comments on “Rams Notes: No. 1 Pick, Adams, Rose, Palacio

  1. Doug

    So can we all agree now that one of three things is true?
    1.) Cleveland’s curse is very real
    2.) The entire NFL & all its teams
    (including the Browns themselves), owners & commiss are out to screw the Browns every chance they can.
    3.) All of the above
    How is it that two months ago Cleveland had a franchise QB being handed to them on a golden platter, then RG3, now the biggest jump in draft trade history to appease the LA base. Now…we will be lucky to start the season with Josh McCown as our starter. Just take who is left at #2 & move on from this QB quandary once & for all. NO MORE TRADE BACKS!!!
    They have failed miserably for Cleveland EVERY time. Come on Hue! I expected more from you than RG”3yearsagomycareerended”.

    • Jim

      Trade back take a QB in the second round let RG3. Be our QB for a couple of years look how Rodgers has turned out by sitting a few years

      • UnanymousSuperBowler

        But that was because they had brett favre, plus favre was his mentor all those years

  2. UnanymousSuperBowler

    I really dont see why everyone is talking so much about the quarterbacks in this draft, they arent that good this year, if anything this draft has some of the best defensive linemen that youll see in a while. I would call this the d-line draft but there is alot more positions being drafted as well


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