AFC Notes: Fitzpatrick, Conklin, Wake, Texans

Several Jets players – two current and one former – have weighed in on the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation this week, including wide receivers Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall. As Rich Cimini of writes, Decker continues to believe Fitzpatrick is the right man for the starting job in New York, suggesting that Gang Green is “a team that’s ready to win now,” and one that requires a “veteran presence” at the QB position.

Marshall, on the other hand, sounds more willing to accept the possibility that Fitzpatrick may not be back, telling Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post that the Jets would survive with Bryce Petty or Geno Smith at QB: “Just seeing Bryce and Geno grow so much the last year is really encouraging, and I’m just proud of those guys. We’ll be OK.”

Meanwhile, former Jets linebacker Bart Scott has been less tactful about his opinion on the matter, as Brian Costello of the New York Post details. During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Scott said that Fitzpatrick isn’t worth the money he’s seeking, suggesting he’s more of “a bridge guy,” who would be a backup for “20 teams in the league.”

As we wait to see whether the Fitzpatrick situation reaches a resolution in the near future, let’s round up some other Wednesday morning notes from around the AFC…

  • While new Titans general manager Jon Robinson may get his team’s draft class secured in a more timely manner than the team has done in the past, Tennessee’s negotiations with first-round tackle Jack Conklin are worth watching, writes Terry McCormick of In recent years, the Titans have pushed for offset language to be included in their first-rounders’ rookie contracts, and there are indications that trend will continue, according to McCormick.
  • Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake took a pay cut from $8.4MM to $7.125MM for 2016, but can make up the difference if he reaches certain sack incentives, says Tom Pelissero of USA Today (Twitter links). For 2017, Wake has another $7MM due, including $3MM fully guaranteed — he can also earn an extra $2MM in ’17 if he racks up 15 sacks this season, per Pelissero.
  • Peter King of takes a look at the Texans‘ approach to free agency and the draft within the last couple months, writing that the team has made it a priority to add speed to its offense. In King’s view, Houston’s offense rivals Jacksonville’s defense when it comes to teams that underwent the most significant changes on one side of the ball.
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5 comments on “AFC Notes: Fitzpatrick, Conklin, Wake, Texans

  1. bobhutt99

    Can someone other than the Jets please sign Fitzpatrick. Please! The last time he had a career season Buffalo foolishly paid him a $100 million thinking he was an elite QB. How did that workout. If $8 million for a career backup isn’t good enough for him let him take a job in the real world for about $25,000 annually. Oh I forgot we don’t have any of those jobs available. Thank you Obama!

    • BSPORT

      Well said and may I add ITS 8 MILLION DOLLARS TO PLAY A GAME FOR A YEAR! He’s like a person unemployed that says they are overqualified for a job. This is also 8 million to play a game. Nobody is asking him to balance the national budget or perform a surgery, it’s play time. As previously mentioned what has anybody got out of the money he has already been paid to play. I would let him sit on his couch and watch the games and make nothing and be forgotten forever. He’s not the guy that teams are going to beg off the couch especially if it would cost them over 10 million to pull him off.

      • JT19

        I mean the guy just had a career season and (outside of a trade) represents the Jets best hope for making the playoffs. Is his asking price a bit high? Yes, but you can’t really blame the guy when you consider the circumstances. He also holds leverage because who are the Jets other options? Geno (who is terrible) and Petty and Hackenberg (both of whom could probably use a year of seasoning before expecting them to start for a team with playoff aspirations). Go ahead with Geno as your starting QB, I bet by Week 4 every Jet fan will be on their knees begging Fitzpatrick to come back.

  2. MaxJet

    Fitzpatrick is not the answer. First, he is asking for elite QB money. We all know he is not elite. The real Fitz is the one you saw in Buffalo in the last game. In 11 years he has never been to the playoffs. All of sudden he is going to take the Jets in his 12th year. Really? The Jets schedule is much difficult this season. First 6 games are a killer. I hope the Jets sign him so when they are 1 and 5 everybody will realize he is only a backup. I hope the Jets realize this by now. Let see what Geno can do after a year of riding the bench and with more weapons around him. BTW the Jets don’t have the cap money to sign Fitz unless they destroy the teams future with restructures and extensions.


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