West Notes: Raiders, Las Vegas, Rams

Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB spoke with various NFL owners to get their take on the Raiders‘ potential move to Las Vegas. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie expressed some concerns about the idea, though he did not cite gambling as a major problem.

I’d be open to it. My only question is, is it a really good NFL market?,” Lurie said. “I’m not totally worried about a lot of other things. I am more worried, is it a great market for the NFL? I don’t know enough about that. I never thought about it much before. It has to support 70,000 every weekend. It is not an NBA team, like say the Thunder, which does an incredible job of supporting their smaller market. We have got to make sure it really will support a team if a team goes there, but I am open to it.

Here’s more from the AFC and NFC West:

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