Browns Eliminated Manziel’s Guarantees

Recently, when the NFL hit Johnny Manziel with a four-game suspension, some wondered whether that action would void out the remaining guaranteed money in his rookie contract with the Browns. As it turns out, those guarantees were already wiped out months ago. Before the Browns cut Manziel earlier this year, the team successfully took his guarantees off the books, sources tell Mike Florio of PFTJohnny Manziel (vertical)

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Surprisingly, the NFL Players Association did not put up a fight when Cleveland decided against paying Manziel is guaranteed money. The union is always aggressive in matters like this, but it seems like the Browns’ case was virtually incontrovertible. The Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that a team can void out guarantees under certain circumstances, including “a failure or refusal to report, practice, or play” or leaving the team without written consent. Manziel has run afoul of those rules multiple times with the Browns, including his 2015 trip to Las Vegas.

Due to his many indiscretions, Manziel has cost himself $2.173MM in guaranteed cash and has put his football future in serious doubt.

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2 comments on “Browns Eliminated Manziel’s Guarantees

  1. Giants51

    Good for the Brownies…… You don’t show up and make a ass of yourself you aren’t deserving….

  2. whereslou

    He could go buy those $1.99 jerseys and sit on a street corner somewhere and sign them and sell them for $4.99. If he had a booth set up like a kid’s lemonade stand maybe somebody would stop and feel sorry for him, or be like me and give him a$1 for at least trying like I do with kids. Not saying I would stop and give him anything but laugh at him, but the kids I will stop and give them something if I can.


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