Waiver Wire Priority For All 32 NFL Teams

Yesterday was the 53-man roster deadline, but the madness will continue today as teams pick through the waiver pile for talented discards. Priority is dictated by the reverse standings with tiebreakers where necessary, which is to say that it will be the same as the 2016 draft order before all the trades. Unlike your fantasy league’s waiver wire, a team does not go to the back of the list upon making a successful claim. That means that the league’s worst teams from 2015 have a significant advantage today as they make late roster additions.

Here is the complete waiver priority order:

1. Titans

2. Browns

3. Chargers

4. Cowboys

5. Jaguars

6. Ravens

7. 49ers

8. Dolphins

9. Buccaneers

10. Giants

11. Bears

12. Saints

13. Eagles

14. Raiders

15. Rams

16. Lions

17. Falcons

18. Colts

19. Bills

20. Jets

21. Redskins

22. Texans

23. Vikings

24. Bengals

25. Seahawks

26. Packers

27. Steelers

28. Chiefs

29. Patriots

30. Cardinals

31. Panthers

32. Broncos

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One comment on “Waiver Wire Priority For All 32 NFL Teams

  1. rickcwik

    So even if Titans claim someone…they don’t drop back to 32….they stay in that one spot?


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