Ravens Owner Pushed To Fire Marc Trestman?

Marc Trestman is out in Baltimore and it may not have been John Harbaugh‘s doing. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti had a strong hand in firing the offensive coordinator, sources tell Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Furthermore, sources say that Trestman’s relationship with Joe Flacco became strained this year and that was likely a factor in the ouster of Trestman. Flacco had a similar rift with former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron in 2012. Marc Trestman (vertical)

When asked about Bisciotti’s role in Trestman’s dismissal this week, Harbaugh denied that the decision was made solely upstairs. However, as Cole notes, Bisciotti has been with the team at practice a lot more than usual in recent days.

With Trestman gone, former quarterbacks coach Marty Mornhinweg has gotten bumped up to offensive coordinator.

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4 comments on “Ravens Owner Pushed To Fire Marc Trestman?

  1. Skol72

    Again, I understand the win now mentality in the NFL with the exceptions of the Browns and 49er’s. But firing your OC a 1/4 of the way thru the season makes no sense. if Biscotti was the decision maker on this one and they are reporting that he is frequenting practice more now, where the hell was he during OTA’s and minicamp to make the change he needed. Again, its not like Trestman was flying under the radar here. he has been a OC and QB’s coach in the NFL for a long time. his resume of game film is out there and what he can and cant do

    • What an easy stance. Predictable it will be denied and impossible to prove. The perfect rumor. The reality is that you could be Ray Charles and see that the offensive game plan was ineffective. Normally, the players are noncommittal/neutral when such changes are made. The veteran players came as close to saying it was about time as they could in the correct-speak press conferences. Biscotti built his business and wealth on an employee empowerment concept. Hard to believe he would scrap it with his football team. He has also often said that there are times of the year when he is more available to spend time with the team, so that he is present at certain times more than others is normal. He is famous for letting Cass run the organization and Newsome manage the football side. No one would have blinked if Harbaugh would have said after consulting with Ozzie, we decided to go in another direction, but he did not do that. There is no reason not to take Harbaugh at his word that this was his decision. It is hard not to agree that it was the right one….just maybe a little late.

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    “Every NFL rule that goes against us in any game should be changed.” – John Harbaugh

    “Every NFL rule that helps us in any game is fine the way it is, no need for change.” – John Harbaugh

    And lastly…

    “I’m a whiny weirdo and complain more than my wife.” – John Harbaugh


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