Bengals’ Marvin Lewis Likely To Return In 2017

The Bengals will almost assuredly miss the postseason for the first time since the 2010 campaign, but head coach Marvin Lewis is still likely to return next year. Lewis said he will once again serve as Cincinnati’s coach in 2017 “if asked,” according to Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer, and the club’s ownership is overwhelmingly likely to welcome him back, per Enquirer scribes Paul Dehner Jr. and Jim Owczarski on today’s Bengals Beat Podcast.Marvin Lewis (Vertical)

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Cincinnati inked Lewis to a one-year extension this spring, locking him up through 2017. Lewis, who has been coaching the Bengals since 2003, is the second longest-tenured head coach in the NFL, behind Bill Belichick in New England. During his 13+ seasons with the team, Lewis has led Cincinnati to a 115-99-3 regular-season record and has earned a playoff spot seven times. However, the Bengals have yet to win a postseason game under Lewis, going 0-7 in those contests.

Despite the lack of playoff success, the likely return of Lewis shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially given that Cincinnati preaches continuity above all else. Under owner/GM Mike Brown, the Bengals aren’t a team that makes reactionary decisions, and because Lewis exerts a strong influence on personnel decisions, his status as head coach is especially secure.

The Bengals haven’t officially been eliminated from the 2017 postseason, but their odds are extremely slim: FiveThirtyEight gives Cincinnati less than a one percent chance of making its way into the tournament.

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8 comments on “Bengals’ Marvin Lewis Likely To Return In 2017

  1. Bengalfanforlife

    Love Marv. But it might be time for some young blood.

  2. sportsjunkie24

    He probably will be gone after 17 if they dont make the playoffs again and even if they do make the playoffs if he cant win that playoff game hes probably gone as well

  3. Ken Dippel

    This team has to make a lot of changes. I don’t want to hear this crap about injuries. They had most of their players at the start of the season and even then never was prepared to play. The offense is pathetic and the defense is just as bad. They can’t block on offense and on defense miss tackles. Corners play five yards off the line of scrimmage and by doing so automatically give up a five yard quick reception. Our corners do not play bump and run coverage. Blocking and tackling are the fundamentals of football and if that my friends is coaching.

    Here is a list of coaching I wish so much would be brought in to fix this fiasco. Hire Mike Shanahan as head coach, (Defensive Coordinator: hire Michael Singletary former 49er head coach and former middle linebacker of the Chicago Bears), (Offensive Coordinator: Hire Lane Kiffin), (Offensive Line Coach: Hire Anthony Munoz the former great Hall of Famer Bengal), (QB coach: Hire Peyton Manning), (WR coach: Hire Chad Johnson, former great Bengal receiver), (Defensive Line and Linebacker Coach – Hire Ray Lewis), (Running back coach – hire Daryl (Moose) Johnson), (Secondary coach – Hire Charles Woodson).

    Notice the pattern of my thinking: Everyone of my selections are former great players who excelled at their positions. The other pattern is former coaches who made there teams great or won a Super Bowl. Mike Shanahan be perfect for the Bengals. Just think if we had Peyton Manning as our QB coach. Imagine what that would do for our QB Andy Dalton and McCarron. I firmly believe they should open the QB up for competition next year. Problem now is Andy Dalton knows the organization has given him infinite job security and no matter how bad he performs they will stick with him. Competition brings out the best in players and my philosophy I don’t give a crap who you are every position is open to competition and I don’t care if you are the so called face of the organization or six million dollar man. Best man wins the starting position and those that can’t give 150 percent and perform to high standards cut them and it don’t matter how well known they are or how big their contracts are.


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