Bills To Bench Tyrod Taylor In Final Game

Rex Ryan is out and the quarterback that he championed could also be a goner in Buffalo. The Bills are planning to bench Tyrod Taylor against the Jets on Sunday in favor of E.J. Manuel, league sources tell Adam Schefter of (Facebook link). This is a business decision so the Bills are not at risk for the $30.75MM left on his contract that would become guaranteed if Taylor suffered a significant injury, Schefter adds. Tyrod Taylor (vertical)

The Bills are on high alert after watching Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr suffer major injuries in Week 16. The Bills are not going to take any chances with Taylor, a player who may not be in their plans for 2017. It’s not certain that Taylor is out of the picture, but it would be understandable if the Bills do not want to retain him at his current salary. This will also give Buffalo a chance to get one last look at Manuel, a pending free agent.

Initially, the Bills planned to give Taylor the final month of the season to audition himself.

He’s got four more games to write this chapter. Then after this season, like everybody on the team, we’re going to do an evaluation and then we’ll go from there,” Whaley said on Dec. 9 in an interview where he declined to commit to Taylor for 2017.

It is somewhat surprising that rookie Cardale Jones will not be given the opportunity in Week 17. The Ohio State product may be No. 2 on the depth chart, however, if the team is truly intent on protecting Taylor from injury.

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10 comments on “Bills To Bench Tyrod Taylor In Final Game

  1. stryk3istrukuout

    I don’t get it. He hasn’t really been that bad. It’s a running team. 6 interceptions all year, almost 600 rushing yards. Defense needs to hold some accountability. You knew what you were getting when you signed Taylor. I guess in Manuel’s defense, he didn’t have Watkins and McCoy in his first audition so it’s possible he can perform better given the chance.

    • stryk3istrukuout

      Well, he hasn’t been a whole lot different than Alex Smith, albeit with bigger speed. He’s still managed 3000 yards in back to back seasons with a good QBR and TD-INT ratio. He was 7th in the league in QBR last year (99.4). He could win on the Broncos, Chiefs, or other defensive stalwarts at the least. Plus, his one good receiver has missed half the season and they only just now started calling plays for tight ends.

  2. TJECK109

    Why does the injuries to Mariotta and Carr matter? Do you really believe that’s the issue? I for one do not believe it. If that’s the reason your telling your fans and team that we’ve given up on Sunday’s game. Why not bench McCoy and Watkins and any other star then?

    • RockHard

      He’s getting benched to prevent an injury which could lock in his salary for next season.. If he doesn’t have a major injury, they can cut him without as much or any dead money

    • jim31762

      Yes, it IS the issue. Taylor gets hurt and the Bills are on the hook for $30 million. Care to take that chance??

  3. Taylor is a lower tier an… Rather have them pursue AJ McCarran…Good pedigree

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