Bills Paying Logan Thomas Significant Bonus

This week, Logan Thomas made a position change when he signed with the Lions’ practice squad as a tight end. Soon after, the Bills stole the former Virginia Tech quarterback by signing him to the active roster. It initially seemed like Buffalo was making a low-risk move, but it turns out they have some skin in the game. The Bills gave Thomas a $75K signing bonus and guaranteed $120K of his $680K base salary, a source tells’s Field Yates (Twitter link). Logan Thomas (vertical)

Thomas’ willingness even consider the tight end position is a recent development. Several teams mentioned a position switch to him prior to the 2014 NFL draft, Chris Mortensen of writes, but Thomas made it clear he had no interest in playing anything but QB. After a few unsuccessful stops as a QB and watching Terrelle Pryor succeed as a receiver, Thomas reconsidered things. With a big body and solid athleticism for a player of his size, the potential is there for Thomas to be a difference maker at TE. Still, one personnel man tells Mortensen that he’s not sold just yet.

He’ll have to totally buy in like Pryor, but tight end is an even bigger challenge for a former quarterback than switching [to] receiver, or running back, or safety,” the official said. “When you look at him physically, he is big, strong and has the ability to move, but can he run those routes, get separation, master the assignments that are demanded at tight end, as well as put his hand on the ground and be willing to block somebody? It’s not simple.

There is some history of quarterbacks converting to tight end and finding success, such as Redskins star Jordan Reed. However, Reed made the position switch while in college. Thomas is going to try to make that change at the professional level and he’ll need the right coaching and guidance to make it work.

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3 comments on “Bills Paying Logan Thomas Significant Bonus

  1. BravesBoi

    I don’t think this’ll work out. He’s not close to as athletic as Jordan Reed. And he’s a bit behind in development as he will have to learn quickly as he no longer has the luxury of time that he would have had if he made the switch in college or his first year or two in the league

    • tsolid

      Why does he have to learn quickly? You saying if he doesn’t figure it out by the end of the season he has no chance? Lil premature, eh?

    • Doesn’t need to be extremely athletic for him to pan out. I don’t know Reed’s current blocking ranks, but Reed has always been a receiving tight end who was substituted for other tight ends when it came to blocking. I think athletically, Logan Thomas will be fine. As the article stated above, whether he can develop/learn the other skills/assignments tight ends are responsible for will be the real question.


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