Bears To Make Push For Jimmy Garoppolo

The Bears will make a “strong, concerted” attempt to trade for Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, sources tell Jason La Canfora of, who adds that Garoppolo is “far and away” the No. 1 priority for Chicago this offseason. Talks could occur later this month at the NFL’s scouting combine, per La Canfora, or possibly even earlier, although a deal can’t officially be finalized until early March.Jimmy Garoppolo (Vertical)

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General manager Ryan Pace and the rest of the Bears front office has put in “extensive” research on Garoppolo and are “very comfortable” with the Eastern Illinois alum, reports La Canfora. Chicago is fully expected to release incumbent quarterback Jay Cutler this offseason, a move that would $14MM, bringing the Bears’ total projected cap cap space to roughly $70MM. As such, Chicago should have more than enough fiscal power to negotiate a long-term extension with Garoppolo, who is only signed through the 2017 campaign.

Rival clubs don’t believe the Bears would be forced to sacrifice their first-round pick (No. 3 overall) in order to acquire Garoppolo, but a package that contains multiple second-round selections could be on the table, per La Canfora. The Patriots are reportedly open to trading Garoppolo in the coming months, and a deal could materialize early in the offseason, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Given that other signal-callers such as Kirk Cousins, Tony Romo, and Cutler could potentially hit the market, New England wants to strike before it loses any amount of leverage, per Cole.

Garoppolo, 25, shined in two starts in relief of a suspended Tom Brady last season, completing 43 of 63 pass attempts for 502 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. That brief run as New England’s starting quarterback represents the bulk of Garoppolo’s NFL career, however, as he’d only thrown 31 total passes in the two seasons prior.

The Bears aren’t the only club expected to target Garoppolo this offseason, as the Browns will also reportedly attempt to land the Patriots signal-caller.

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28 comments on “Bears To Make Push For Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. Caleb

    Tyrod Taylor would make a great and cheap alternative to trading away picks. This team needs to many other things to give up picks.

      • AstrosWS20

        Tyrod doesn’t get much love, but he’s quality. He will never be a top 5 or 8 QB, but he has hovered around the 10th best the past two years. I agree with Caleb.

    • DuhBears

      And I’d prefer Tyrod Taylor anyway. That is number 1 on the qb list for me with pat Mahomes added in the draft to be a qb of the future. I’d even be willing to take kaepernick as a bridge qb that would cost even less. I just don’t see giving up so much for garrapolo when we have so many needs we still have to fill. Especially when garrapolo only showed me that he can succeed in a belicheck offensive scheme when he is known for being fantastic at putting guys in the perfect scenario to do well… Hence why their 3rd string qb who shouldn’t have been NFL ready also did great when he started for them as well, and if you recall after both of their backup qbs got hurt there was talks of them having to start Edelman possibly at qb and they were still projected to win that game even if that did end up being the case. So when I see a guy do well for the patriots I assume that has a lot to do with the gameplan that was put in place by that mastermind of a head coach they have there. Doesn’t necessarily mean that qb that filled in is actually the next Tom Brady…

  2. LGBT Raven Lover

    Or just draft a QB in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and receive a younger QB who will easily be just as good. Just a thought.

      • justinept

        Neither Garappolo nor any QB in this draft is a sure thing … guy has two NFL starts.

        • Connorsoxfan

          Yes, but it’s not like those starts were against the Browns defenses or anything. 2 games is a small sample size, but I’d be willing to bet that he can keep numbers similar to those for next season. He may not have the fire under his butt if someone gives him Osweiler money, which could be an issue.

          • jred

            He won’t have the same head coach or a quality offensive line either. Until/unless the Bears fix their other problems, I’m not sure it matters who is under center, and wasting draft picks to get him delays fixing the rest.

      • LGBT Raven Lover

        Thanks. Cute and true. Garoppolo has done NOTHING to make anyone think he can be a successful long term NFL QB. Neither have the draft prospects. So why trade picks and sign him to an inflated contract when you can just choose one and sign to a rookie deal? It makes no sense. He wasn’t worth a 1st rounder when he was in the draft and he still isn’t. Based on his lack of playing time, I think an excellent argument could be made that he is worth less than his draft position a few years ago.

    • bigjonliljon

      Need to do both. Sign someone for the short term and draft the future QB in the 2nd or 3rd round this year

  3. The Gun Young

    The Bears “did extensive research,” but that apparently did not include watching last seasons’ young prized but under-experienced QB who played well on top team QB (Broncos) who got over-hyped and signed to a long term cap-paralyzing contract by the Texans then was a huge failure once again because he had absolutely no real proven experience just like this guy Grab-a-little-low.

    • Clark

      Yeah let’s compare Jimmy G who actually played well to a guy who can barely lead a team! Not to mention that Jimmy G isn’t a free agent and wouldn’t cost the 70 plus million

      • wsox05

        He will get a long term extension vet quickly as his contract is up in a year. If they got him the Bears could franchise tag him, but that doesn’t make any sense.


    Draft and develop, it’s as simple as that. Don’t trade away your future…again

  5. Clark

    Not sure how in love the cards are with Watson, but why not have the Bears trade down with the cards for their first, 2 seconds plus other picks then the Bears trade the Cardinals pick and a 3rd for Jimmy G? Bears get multiple assets back plus Jimmy G

    • AstrosWS20

      I love it if we can swing it, but it’s often hard to trade down unless there’s a surefire can’t miss QB a team wants. Watson or any QB in this draft is hardly can’t miss.

    • wsox05

      I was talking to a friend about this last night. But if the Bears move back to 13 they need to get #13 (Rd1), #45 (Rd2), #109 (Rd4), 2018 1st round pick

  6. AstrosWS20

    I don’t like the idea of trading for Garoppollo. He might turn into a fine QB, but he only played just shy of 6 quarters last year and injured his throwing shoulder to boot. If he played a full 4 games and stayed healthy I might be on board, but two second rounders for someone who got injured in his first action is one heck of a risk. I’d rather concentrate on solidifying the rest of the team forming a new Monsters of the Midway and maybe grab a 3rd rounder to develop. If we end up sucking again this year then oh well because the QB position is stacked next year. Sadly, this regime will risk it all this year because they need to win to keep their jobs.

    • bigjonliljon

      Bears need a high risk huge reward type deal if they want to move up the rebuild time table. I say go for it

      • ChitownFan1

        This Jimmy G trade is not the answer. One of these QBs r going to be really good and we’ll be looking back to what could’ve been… ala Vic Beasley or Dak Prescott Smh Draft n develop your own for crying out loud

  7. ChitownFan1

    Open your eyes Bears Brass, this doesn’t work !! Osweiller, Cassell, Hoyer… You can go on and on… Draft Trubisky, Mahomes, Kizer or Peterman for that matter and develop them behind a vet. How hard is that… Nobody will shoot you for it, this team needs too much to get fleeced by the Patriots Smh

  8. ChiSoxCity

    The Bears will screw this up like they always do. Playing it “safe” in the draft has done nothing but sustain mediocrity in Chicago. The Bears would be better off trade up for an additional 1st round pick this year, not giving away their picks for a backup QB. But that would be too “bold” for this organization.

  9. EugeneDucksworth

    I wouldn’t mortgage the future on a guy with two starts in New England. The Patriots made Matt Cassell look good remember? I would, however, give up 2-3 late round picks for him. But I suspect the Browns might set the price too high in their desperation. Patriots will probably want Bears 3rd overall pick which is ridiculous.
    Best case scenario: Niners pass on QB and Bears hold Trubisky for ransom. Jets are in love with him and will likely trade up if they can. Bears move to 6, where one if not both Safeties will still be there. All while getting a hefty ransom from Jets. Bears take Pat Mahomes in 2nd round. They would likely then have two 3rd rounders to spend on DB help, or maybe TE.

  10. Connorsoxfan

    Pats trade him to the Bears, he sucks there, and Pats give him $$ in the offseason. I believe that Brady has told Kraft and Belichick when he wants to retire. They can sign him and scale the contract to jump from backup to starter money. I honestly believe he would drive his value down so far with the Bears he could be relatively cheap in FA.

  11. Mcrann1

    What is wrong with drafting a QB the next three years until some one can make up everyone else’s mind. This year the Watson kid or Kizer in the first the QB Webb I would say 3 to 4th round.

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