Extra Points: Jets, Falcons, Romo, Bills

Former Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has emerged as a strong candidate to become the Jets’ quarterbacks coach, according to Albert Breer of TheMMQB.com (Twitter link). The 40-year-old Bates hasn’t coached anywhere since 2012, when he oversaw the Bears’ QBs, but he did work on the same staff as then-USC offensive coordinator and now-Jets OC John Morton in 2009. If Bates ends up in New York, he’ll join a team whose starting signal-caller for 2017 probably isn’t on its roster yet.

A few more notes from around the NFL:

  • Falcons right tackle Ryan Schraeder tore a ligament in his right ankle Sunday during the team’s Super Bowl LI loss to the Patriots, a source told Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. Schraeder suffered the injury in the second quarter and eventually departed in the fourth, when the Falcons were amid an all-time meltdown. Fortunately, this ailment seems unlikely to affect Schraeder going into next season – it’ll take “probably a good month” for the stalwart to feel normal again, per the source.
  • Should a team trade for Cowboys backup quarterback Tony Romo this offseason, that club would have to take on his $14MM base salary for 2017 before reworking his contract, tweets CBS Sports’ Joel Corry. The Cowboys would likely permit the acquiring team to have contract-related discussions with Romo’s camp before the trade, Corry adds.
  • The Bills will hire Gill Byrd to coach their defensive backs, report Vic Carucci and Alex Marvez of SiriusXM NFL Radio (Twitter link). The father of ex-Bills safety and current Saint Jairus Byrd, Gill Byrd served as the Buccaneers’ defensive backs coach from 2014-15. He worked under former Bucs D-coordinator Leslie Frazier, who’s now atop the Bills’ defense, in each of those two seasons.
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13 comments on “Extra Points: Jets, Falcons, Romo, Bills

  1. BayAreaSportsFan

    Am I the only person who thinks the 49ers should go after Romo? They could use the veteran presence on what will otherwise be a young team. And, while he may not be the long term answer, the 9ers could afford his cap hit short term until they develop a good long term qb to fit the system.

    • rgreen

      Sure,they’d make sense.but would Romo wanna go there? His window to win is small,and they dont really offer him the opportunity to win.Jerry Jones will send him somewhere he’ll have the chance to atleast make the playoffs.

      • BayAreaSportsFan

        While I understand the desire to play for a contender, how many contending teams need romo? The 49ers have won in the past with all star caliber lineman, so if they use the draft to improve the OL, it could be very attractive for a QB, especially with a bunch of young guys looking to prove themselves by not letting anyone touch their QB. While I don’t expect the 49ers to be in play for any real veterans this off season, was just wondering what others thought.

        • BayAreaSportsFan

          I feel like I should add, the 49ers aren’t the browns or bears, they will return to winning very quickly, they always do.

          • rgreen

            Yea,sure they do,as long as it was S.Young replacing Montana.take away the 19 years they played,and you have a team with 9 playoff appearances in 47 years.minus those 2,and yous are no better then the bears.maybe the browns.

            and yous need more then a oline.injury prone rb and no recievers,questionable defense and an aging k.forget about it!!

            • tylerall5

              Kickers are a no factor, look at Vinateri. But back to the Romo proposal, Jerry Jones loves Romo, so he won’t trade him somewhere he doesn’t want to be. The Broncos is honestly where I believe he’ll end up. He will be able to mentor Lynch so that he will take over.

  2. Armaday

    At this point in his career, he has an opportunity to go to a couple of serious contenders, as in the Broncos. I don’t see him signing with the 49ers. They could pursue him, but that situation wouldn’t peak his interest.

  3. ahale224

    The 49ers couldn’t protect him well enough to keep him on the field for 5 games next year. He needs to go to Denver where he won’t be asked to go win every game by himself. Stronger defense, not playing from behind, not dropping back and getting hit 10 times a game.

    • whereslou

      NFCW D is way too tough for him to go there with the OL they have. Like the others said he wouldn’t last long there. He would be smart to rework his contract and stay in Dallas and hold a clipboard for a couple years and see if Dak can do what he couldn’t. I hope he can’t because I don’t want to see Dallas win a SB but I am not sure if Tony can last a full season on any team. He has taken too much abuse and is too fragile. Nothing wrong with having the best job in the world an NFL backup QB.

  4. Randy chiapetto

    Egos probably won’t allow it, but the best solution would be keeping Romo on a restructured comtract with Dak as the firm starting QB. Romo could win a super bowl
    as a franchise supporter helping Dak, playing some to change things up, and evolve into a long term coaching assistant and/or executive roll with the Dallas franchise.
    Away from Dallas, he could do well at Denver or Houston, but not sure his body would hold up, and would hate to see him play against Dallas in a future Superbowl.

  5. Astros_fan_84

    I hope the Cowboys trade for a future pick, like in 2018 or 2019. This will enable the other team to add around Romo and it means a higher pick for the Cowboys.

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