Patriots To Seek Tom Brady Extension Next Offseason

The Patriots will look to capture their fifth Super Bowl championship today, and next offseason, they plan to seek an extension for quarterback Tom Brady, according to Ian Rapoport of (via Twitter). They believe Brady will play another three to five years, which is why they are currently willing to trade promising backup Jimmy Garoppolo (Twitter link).

Tom Brady (vertical)

Brady is currently under contract through 2019, his age-41 season, so a new deal would likely take him through the end of his playing career. He is set to earn a total of $14MM next year, $22MM in 2018, and another $22MM in 2019. Andrew Luck is currently at the top of the quarterback heap in terms of average annual value ($24.59MM), although Matthew Stafford may will surpass him in that regard this offseason. Aaron Rodgers, meanwhile, is the current pacesetter with respect to total guarantees ($54MM).

An extension after the 2017 campaign would allow the Patriots to spread out Brady’s subsequent $22MM cap hits, which are still pretty reasonable for a quarterback of his caliber. Indeed, Brady’s 2016 campaign was one of his best, as he threw 28 touchdowns to just two interceptions en route to yet another AFC Championship, the seventh of his career. He has captured four Super Bowl titles, a slew of AFC East titles, three Super Bowl MVPs, and two league MVPs.

Plus, he has been durable. He missed almost all of the 2008 campaign due to injury, but otherwise has not missed a game for injury reasons since he captured the starting quarterback job in 2001. Of course, his prodigious offensive lines and the offensive system in which he plays have been a big part of that, but since neither of those things figure to change anytime soon, there is no reason to think that Brady will be more susceptible to injury moving forward than he has been in the past.

Garoppolo, meanwhile, is expected to receive significant interest in the trade market this offseason, and while the Patriots may be hesitant to have Jacoby Brissett serve as their primary backup, the haul for Garoppolo could be too good to pass up.

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34 comments on “Patriots To Seek Tom Brady Extension Next Offseason

  1. stryk3istrukuout

    Wouldn’t it be beautiful if Brady fell apart in 2017-2018 after Garropollo was traded and Romo and Cousins both get deals elsewhere, leaving them without a QB? I’m sure they would still succeed, but that could be the difference between 12-4 to 8-8 or 9-7

    • leefieux

      That sentiment works for me….the greats never see the end coming. All of a sudden their body lets them down.

      And, since I am not a fan of the Pats and Belicheat, I wouldn’t mind that scenario one bit.

    • madmanTX

      When Brady loses today, he’ll go on a junk food binge and show up to training camp at 400lb. They’ll have to strap him to a dolly and have 3 players wheel him around in the huddle and during plays to “scramble” in the pocket.

      • JT19

        I’m sure he’ll find solace in the other championship rings he has. Just for reference, however, how many Super Bowls has your favorite team won since 2000?

    • LGBT Raven Lover

      Once Brady retires, which will happen sooner rather than later, the cheating Pats will go back to their decades of mediocrity and disappointment. Brady is an old man. When he retires, Bill will too. His legacy is tied to Brady (and cheating). Bill

            • LGBT Raven Lover

              I’m actually quite successful. But thank you. My team is as well and has no history of cheating. Purple Nation! Ravens Roost! LGBT Ravens Fans Club!

              • Turk Murpson

                Ex-Ravens and retired Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Blake confessed in an interview that removing air from footballs was common when he played in the NFL from 1992-2005.

                “I’m just going to let the cat of the bag, every team does it, every game, it has been since I played,” the ex-Ravens QB said Wednesday in a radio interview on the “Midday 180” show on Nashville’s 104.5 The Zone. “Cause when you take the balls out of the bag, they are rock hard. And you can’t feel the ball as well. It’s too hard.

                “Everybody puts the pin in and takes just enough air out of the ball that you can feel it a little better. But it’s not the point to where it’s flat. So I don’t know what the big deal is. It’s not something that’s not been done for 20 years.”

                Blake says that he’d order ball boys to let air out of his footballs just before the start of games during his entire NFL career, which included time with the Baltimore Ravens in 2002.

        • JT19

          What’s funny? That he might be right? The Jets are a mess. The Bills are a mess. The Dolphins seem to be on the up but they’re not exactly inspiring bonafide playoff contenders.

          • KCelts

            Sure they are. What kills the Fins is being in the same division as the Patriots. Tannehill improved immensely after a rotten start, Ajayi looks absolutely legit, and the defense finally looked competent this year.

            Watch out; they are a team on the up and up. Even if they get the wild card, they’re on the rise.

  2. Clark

    Crazy how many people on here have hate in their heart. Compare Manning to Brady, Manning top 3 QBs of all time when he went out he was loved and even then people still wanted him to play. Brady shows no sign of slowing down, has been connected to cheated but there hasn’t been any evidence. That said leads me to believe they’re jealous of his success. People act like when Brady is gone the team will suck it’s not all Brady it’s the system and the culture look at what Jimmy G and Bridgett did in 4 games 0 picks

    • LGBT Raven Lover

      There’s A LOT of evidence proving Brady is a cheater. It’s known worldwide. But in New England people deny it. Alternative facts aren’t facts.

      • turkmurpson

        Actually there’s no evidence Brady is a cheater. NE has branded a cheater, not Brady. Just because you choose to call speculation and false reporting “evidence” doesn’t make it true. It’s laughable you’re claiming the Ravens players have never cheated. How’s Ray”Deer antler” Lewis? He was dumb enough to have his conversations recorded. Haha.

  3. LGBT Raven Lover

    GOAT QB -Joe Montana

    GOAT HC – Chuck Noll

    Real GOATs don’t lose Super Bowls. Fact.

    • Cubshoops5

      I’m not a Pats fan but pretty sure real Goat’s come back from 25 down to win Super Bowls when the previous largest SB comeback was 10

    • bledrules

      Raven lover thinks it’s better to lose before you get to the super bowl
      Maybe his inflatable joe flacco doll told him that

    • JoeJoe

      They do if they play in seven of them which Montana never did. I don’t think Montana played in 11 Conference Championships either.

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