Kirk Cousins Wants Redskins To Trade Him

After being hit with the exclusive franchise tag, Kirk Cousins is not free to negotiate with teams this week. However, he wants out. Cousins appealed personally to owner Daniel Snyder for a trade, but was told not to get his hopes up, sources tell’s Chris Mortensen (on Twitter). Washington has shown “zero inclination” to trade Cousins, adds Adam Schefter of (Twitter link).Kirk Cousins

Cousins has been the subject of trade talk for some time with the 49ers often linked to him. The Redskins have been reluctant to commit to Cousins on a long-term deal, but the Niners would presumably be happy to give him the kind of monster deal he is seeking – provided that they also wouldn’t have to give up too much to acquire him via trade. The Browns, who have even more cap room than the Niners, have also been brought up as a possible landing spot.

On Wednesday, we learned that Snyder may be holding up a potential trade to San Francisco due to his bad relationship with the Shanahans, Kyle and Mike. Snyder reportedly still holds a grudge against the Shanahans after firing the pair following the 2013 campaign, per Jones, and especially dislikes that the duo’s prediction of a failed Robert Griffin III career ultimately proved true. As such, Snyder has no interest in “helping” Kyle Shanahan in any regard, including sending him a ready-made franchise quarterback in Cousins.

Ultimately, Cousins may have no choice but to sign the franchise tender and hope he can reach the 2018 free agent market unfettered. If he chooses that route, he’ll play out the 2017 campaign while earning nearly $24MM.

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16 comments on “Kirk Cousins Wants Redskins To Trade Him

  1. tylerall5

    I’m not sure keeping a starting quarterback that doesn’t want to be there is a good idea for a franchise.

  2. sufferfortribe

    Could you just imagine Snyder sticking it to the Shanahans and trading Cousins to Cleveland?

    • SportsCoach

      Honestly I wanted Cousins in the draft since I felt he could be a starter in the league, but Cousins won’t sign an extension in Cleveland. So if Cleveland gets him, it would just be to actually send him out to the 49ers to be sincere. Though that would be amazing if we can get him for our 33 pick and then deal him with our like 3/4th round pick for number 2. Browns fans would be happy lol

      • Beyond_Max_Power

        Cousin’s would take a number 1 pick and more. Bradford landed the Eagles a 1st (14th overall) and 4th rounder. Cousin’s is far better. I’d want a top 10 and 3rd rounder minimum. granted the extension would have to be “signed” before making any deal.

  3. Rick

    He will just leave for sure after the season. Get something for Jim and work for a replacement. It is Snyder Fault that he was wrong on rg3

    • JT19

      Lol that type of haul would never happen. At that price, teams would be better off waiting a year and signing him then. He obviously doesn’t want to be in Washington anymore (since they won’t give him a long term deal) and the Redskins aren’t going to tag him since it would cost something like $30 million.

  4. SportsCoach

    The Owner of the 49ers is the reason why they stink and will never win it all. I mean he should be like if they give up the number two pick for Cousins then the 49ers can have him. Cousins is ready to walk away/sit out a season if he has to from that organization. Don’t hold grudges against guys who were right. Be a man admit your errors and sadly he cannot seem to do that.

  5. Thronson5

    This will work in the 9ers favor because they will sign him next year without giving up any picks. The Redskins are not very smart, they should get some picks while they can for him because he clearly is going to leave.

  6. doublee919

    It is impossible to be a fan of this team right now. They let their best 2 receivers walk without much of a (public) fight, they’ve alienated their franchise quarterback to the point where he is asking to be traded, and are publicly feuding with their GM. Same GM who brought in enough talent to get this team out of the gutter. Snyder finally has a winning team and let it all unravel because of pride. Do whatever you want Washington. I’m done.


    I would sell ice cubes in hell for the money Cousins making with the tag again….shut up baby and move on after next.
    Who really does like their owner or boss where they work. It’s all about your earnings and Co workers.

  8. sanfranb27

    Cousins is an average QB-trade him to the 49ers or browns and watch him spend more time on the grass than the teams landscaping company and show the league McCoy can put up the same numbers. If he doesn’t want to be there-adios-“how do you like that”!

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