Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott To Receive Ban?

There is a “growing sense” that Ezekiel Elliott could be hit with a short suspension in the coming weeks,’s Adam Schefter (video link) reports. The Cowboys running back is personally bracing for the possibility that he could miss the start of the 2017 regular season. Ezekiel Elliott

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The Cowboys open the season against the rival Giants before facing the Broncos in Week 2. At this time, Schefter gets the feeling that Elliott will miss one, if not both of those games. Still, the NFL has yet to make a final determination on the matter and nothing will be decided until the investigation is wrapped up.

Last year, a woman accused Elliott of abusing her on two separate occasions in 2016. He was never arrested or charged for either supposed incident, but the NFL requires much less evidence to levy punishment than the American legal system. Given the league’s ugly history with domestic violence, they are not taking the accusations against the young star lightly.

Elliott, 22 later this month, ran for a league-leading 1,631 yards off of 322 carries last year with 15 touchdowns. He supplemented that incredible stat line with 32 catches for 363 yards and one score.

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19 comments on “Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott To Receive Ban?

  1. justinkm19

    Of course…. we play the Giants. Anything the league can do to even the playing field for a big market

    • fathead112805

      Even the playing field? As I remember the Giants beat Dallas TWICE with Zeke

    • fckphil

      whats your excuse for going 0-2 against the Giants last year???…Jerry needs to stop treating criminals like family…he shouldve beat the Nfl to the punch and maybe this wouldnt have happened.

      • Last time I checked the cowboys with the Yankees are the 2 most valuable franchises in American sports so wtf you talking about the giants being the bigger market

  2. Dwak15

    He has voice mails and texts from her threatening this if he broke up with her and what is her proof that the NFL is still against him?!

  3. DrJmvp

    How long does it take to investigate NOTHING? I’m not a conspiracy theorist and don’t believe Goddell has it out for the Cowboys, but I do think this is so petty. He can’t mess with the Pats this year so I guess he needs some way to flex his “I’m all powerfull” muscles in some pathetic attempt to prove he is powerfull! WTF?

    • sportznut1000

      well, it took him basically the entire season to make a decision on aldon smith with the raiders last year. so there is a precedent. i agree though, a decision needs to be made quicker

    • fathead112805

      Well Bell has already been suspended before and has yet to play a full season…then quit on his team vs Pats in playoffs…

  4. obagain

    Funny you giant fans love LT even though he admits to snorting cacain during games and hiring 16 year old prostitutes.

  5. MILWBrewersFan

    I’m a Packers fan so you know I HATE the Cowboys. Even I can admit this would possibly be the dumbest suspension possible. Only in the NFL can you get into trouble with NO proof against you.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Idk I’d say suspending Brady but not Belichick was worse. Like, suspend both or neither. As a Pats fan, they both clearly knew what went on. The way the whole thing played out was just idiotic and frankly, while this suspension would be dumb, I’m not sure it could top that.

  6. cbf82

    Makes absolutely zero sense! Sometimes I wonder what actually goes on at the nfl headquarters when it comes to these suspensions. Are they just flipping a coin?

  7. CursedRangers

    I’m tired of the Cowboys constant spotlight due to players getting in trouble. There is definitely a lack of accountability.

    However, the NFL better have strong and clear evidence of any reason for suspending Elliott. He was never charged and this has lasted a year. To suspend him for a couple games just because Goodell is in charge should be met with strong opposition from the players union. If they do have evidence on him, throw the book at Elliott. But something tells me this one will be cloudy.

    • GeauxRangers

      Even if they did they wouldn’t release it because they have no transparency whatsoever

  8. Astros_fan_84

    This sets a precedent for extortion.

    All a woman has to say is, “give me money or I’ll say rape, and you’ll lose games and get your name dragged through the mud.

    The players union should step in.

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