Latest On Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys will have Ezekiel Elliott in uniform when they face the Cardinals on Monday night. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will not hold oral arguments until Monday, October 2, sports attorney Daniel Wallach has learned (Twitter link). Ezekiel Elliott (vertical)

The NFL was pressing the Fifth Circuit for an emergency stay in the Elliott case, essentially reversing a previous decision from a lower court. The league was hoping for a ruling sooner rather than later, but Roger Goodell & Co. will have to wait longer to see if/when they can enact the six-game suspension on the running back.

Had the league won the decision on Friday, a suspension for Monday night would have been in play. In theory, the league may have even suspended Elliott hours before kickoff with a legal victory during business hours on Monday. Now they won’t have the opportunity to bench Elliott until October, at least. At minimum, we’ll see Elliott on the field through Week 4 when the Cowboys face the Rams.

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10 comments on “Latest On Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott

  1. Thronson5

    I think it’s kind of ridiculous that players can fight a punishment the league hands down to them. If you mess up you need to face the facts and do your time. I know people may say it’s the same as going to court for a crime and you get a fair trial before being convicted but clearly this isn’t a situation like that, a player broke the rules and should be punished.


    I disagree. I am completely for punishment for domestic violence, however he only accused never convicted or arrested. If the justice system doesnt punish him then why should the NFL

    • lucienbel

      Because the NFL uses different standards then the justice system. If most places of employment only handed down punishments and reprimanded people based on the stringent standards of the criminal justice systems, those places of employment wouldn’t last long.

      He signed the contract to play in the NFL and knew the terms. Furthermore, he has his right to an appeal which he is exercising. There’s two sides to every story, and we’ll see what happens here.


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