Ezekiel Elliott Granted TRO, Ban On Hold

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott won’t serve his six-game suspension just yet, as a New York court has granted him a temporary restraining order against the NFL, according to Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News (Twitter links).Ezekiel Elliott (vertical)

Elliott should be available for Dallas’ next two games, but will need to plead his case to Judge Katherine Fallia when she returns from vacation around October 30. That means Elliott will likely be able to face the Redskins and 49ers over the course of the next two weeks. But the TRO could also be delaying the inevitable, as each week Elliott doesn’t accept his six-game ban is one more week he’ll have to serve later this season.

Essentially, Elliott has been given a two-week respite from the legal process after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals restored his suspension last week. Elliott and his team re-filed in Texas, but that case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, tweets Tom Pelissero of NFL.com. Today’s decision from a New York court was thought to be Elliott’s last remaining recourse.

Elliott, of course, was issued his suspension following allegations of domestic violence. The fourth overall selection in the 2016 draft, Elliott has accused the NFL of fomenting a conspiracy against him, and the dispute has gotten ugly from all angles. Elliott and his camp have cast doubt on the consistency of his accuser’s claims and suggested her motives were profit-based, while the NFL has accused Elliott of victim-shaming.

But the situation at hand has little to do with the original accusations against Elliott, and instead is focused on the NFL’s disciplinary process and whether the league followed its own procedures. Interestingly, the Cowboys organization jumped into the legal fray today, issuing an affidavit stating the club would suffer irreparable harm if the New York didn’t issue Zeke injunction today, per Amy Dash of CBS Sports (Twitter link).

If and when Elliott is actually suspended, the Cowboys should be able to cover — in at least some regard — for his loss with backups Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden. Neither back is the singularly dynamic talent that is Elliott, but each offers a vast amount of NFL experience.

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13 comments on “Ezekiel Elliott Granted TRO, Ban On Hold

  1. sportsfan101

    This is such a joke. Goodell is a pos, you hit a woman suspended for a full season no appeal, twice you out. Stop letting privileged athletes get away with what a normal person would face jail time for. I have zero respect for the NFL personally. There about money not ethics.

    • arodgers661

      So where exactly is there sufficient evidence proving zeke is wrong. Do you not believe in due process?

    • recon

      I can’t trust someone who doesn’t use there/their/they’re properly.

      Also, the only evidence that exists is evidence proving she’s a money grubbing liar so there’s that….

      Maybe don’t comment if you’re uninformed?

  2. twiker

    I don’t think anyone is going to advocate on behalf of Elliot being a saint but the evidence is a bunch of bologny. This girl is after money, she even admitted to having sex with lucky whitehead last yr . To expect these judges to make a leap of faith, confirming that he abused her, based on her word is ludicrous.

    • GeauxRangers

      That’s not what this is about. The legal system already determined there isn’t enough evidence to charge him in the court of law.

  3. Gogerty

    At what point though does Zeke put potential playoff games at risk, continuing to hold this off?

    • arodgers661

      Playoff games aren’t affected. It only applies to games where they receive a game check. Players only receive playoff shares come the postseason

  4. CursedRangers

    This entire process is a joke. If Elliott is guilty throw the book at him. But the NFL having complete control of the process without a independent hearing is ludicrous. The NFL being the police, the prosecutor, the juror, the judge, and the prison warden is insane. If they have damning evidence it needs to be turned over to the proper authorities. If not, they need to move on.

    It seems as if everything Goodell does is based off of perception. Downplay CTE to make the perception seem as it isn’t a big as deal as it is. Rice clocks a women in an elevator, make the perception seem as if the NFL is cracking down hard at all costs, players kneel – its fine until the perception is it is hurting advertisers, then issue soft demands that play both sides of the fence. He always seems to be chasing his tail.

    Football has gone from this great American pastime to something akin to a soap opera. The sport is being destroyed yet Goodell keeps getting paid absurd money and getting extensions. I just don’t get it.

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