Browns Eyeing Ex-Chiefs GM John Dorsey

The Browns’ GM search is underway and we already have word on a potential frontrunner for the job. The Browns are eyeing former Chiefs GM John Dorsey and he is expected to emerge as a leading contender for the job, sources tell’s Adam Schefter and Dianna RussiniJohn Dorsey (vertical)

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Owner Jimmy Haslam and his wife Dee Haslam are expected to interview candidates as early as this week, sources tell the duo. The early interviews may also include Seahawks executive Trent Kirchner and Packers executive Eliot Wolf, Tom Pelissero of reports (on Twitter).

In his statement announcing the firing of Sashi Brown, Haslam said that he would be looking for “someone with strong experience and success in drafting and building consistently winning football teams.” Dorsey fits the bill, though he is not without his critics. Dorsey was canned by Kansas City late last offseason, reportedly because of his overly loose management style. The Chiefs also did a poor job of managing the salary cap, though that supposedly did not factor heavily into Clark Hunt’s decision fire him.

Because of the team is making experience a requirement, it sounds like former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning will not be considered for the job. Throughout the year, there were rumblings of Haslam working to lure Manning, potentially by offering a small stake in the team. Instead, it appears that the Browns will be making a more traditional hire.

Whoever takes over for Brown in Cleveland will have a lot going for them (in theory). In the 2018 draft, the Brows have an enviable stockpile including an extra first-round pick, two additional second round picks, a fourth-round choice, and a fifth-round selection. They could also have nearly $100MM in cap space, though it’s not a given that Haslam will spend it all.

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11 comments on “Browns Eyeing Ex-Chiefs GM John Dorsey

    • Thronson5

      How so? He’s had nothing to work with and constantly struggles with getting players he wanted because Sashi wouldn’t listen to him and wanted to be the one making the moves for the players he wanted. Hue isn’t to blame at all. Gotta give the guy a chance with some good players before making that kind of assessment.

      • lucienbel

        Agree with this entirely. He needs some people with tangible skills to trod out there and try out first.

      • cubsbearsbulls2018

        He’s a troll who doesn’t know anything about any sports team. Don’t pay any attention to him.

      • Peterd

        Hue has blow potential wins against the Jets and Titans with questionable calls and he’s still hanging with Kizer although that may just be to lock in that #1 pick.
        Bottom line – 1 win in almost 2 full seasons doesn’t cut it. Make it a clean sweep and dump Hue

  1. basic white dad

    If the Packers let Wolf walk and keep good ol Ted, they will be the Browns by the end of the decade.

    • Michael Chaney

      I’d be shocked if they let Wolf walk, he’s had plenty of chances over the years but he’s still there

  2. beany_boy

    Nothing against Hue, but won’t they severely limit options if they tell the new GM he has to keep the old regime’s coach?

    • Michael Chaney

      That’s possible but there’s also the fact that any new GM probably wouldn’t be able to find a better coach than Hue that would be willing to coach the Browns anyway

  3. chgobangbang

    Jackson is huge problem. On the field he can’t produce wins now off the field he seems to start wanting a say in personnel ? He was quoted as saying he wanted wentz 2 years ago, thanks after the fact master of the obvious. If I’m me GM looking to take job I’m wanting my own choice as HC not some loser Benedict Arnold whose main concern is CYA instead of winning

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