RG3 Turned Down Cardinals, Ravens Offers

Apparently, Robert Griffin III turned down two separate NFL offers in 2017. In an appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Griffin said that he rejected chances to join both the Cardinals and Ravens in the offseason. Robert Griffin III (Vertical)

In Arizona, the reason it wasn’t a good fit because they had already — Carson [Palmer] was there, I was willing to come in and learn behind an experienced veteran quarterback who’s done a lot of great things,” Griffin said (transcript via CBSSports.com). “They had the backup in [Drew] Stanton, they had also brought in Blaine Gabbert. Nobody lets four quarterbacks get practice time. That was the issue. It wasn’t the coach — [Bruce Arians] is a great coach, he’s a quarterback whisperer. And it’s a stable franchise.”

Griffin also explained why he passed on an opportunity to join the Ravens.

Baltimore was just, they offered me a contract right before the first preseason game, to start against the Redskins,” RG3 said. “Selfishly I could have taken that, to go play against them, but I knew I wouldn’t have been ready with that offense, with those guys, to put my best foot forward.”

In each instance, Griffin said that he knew the risk – if he turned down the offer, he might not get another. Surprisingly, Griffin says that he hasn’t given up on the possibility that a playoff team could sign him this year. That seems pretty unlikely to us, however, particularly since the Eagles have shown no interest in signing a Carson Wentz replacement.

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9 comments on “RG3 Turned Down Cardinals, Ravens Offers

  1. justinkm19

    He should have taken the money. Never turn down money when someone’s willing to give it to you

  2. deal1122

    I’d really like to see the eagles give him a chance if Foles doesn’t get the job done

  3. MarlinsRising16

    I’d really like to see him get curb stomped, run over by a Mac truck and his body dumped in a port-o-John

      • brewcrew08

        He’s a Marlins fan man leave him be. He’s had a rough couple weeks.

    • acarneglia

      Don’t be mad that RG3 is probably a better baseball player than anyone left on the Marlins by the end of the week


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