Packers Interviewed Doug Whaley

Before settling on Brian Gutekunst as their new GM, the Packers interviewed Doug Whaley for the job, as Michael Cohen of the Journal Sentinel writes. Whaley was the only out-of-house candidate to interview for the job. Doug Whaley

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Doug Whaley really did a job with the interview,” Murphy said. “I think it was not confirmed, but he was the fourth interview. I knew him a little bit, so I enjoyed having a chance to spend some time with him. I’m a Bills fan, so I follow the Bills a little more closely than some of the other teams. But he put together that roster, and it’s a playoff team without a great quarterback. It made the playoffs. They have a good roster. I think that was a tribute to him. Very interesting candidate. Fascinating background. Was a stockbroker for a year, about to be a pilot and done a lot of good things. And obviously served as a GM and his background with the Steelers was intriguing, too.”

The Bills didn’t win a ton of games under Whaley’s watch, but they did snap their playoff drought this year with a roster that has Whaley’s fingerprints all over it. That was enough to garner Whaley interviews for the Packers’ opening as well as the Browns’ GM job, though it’s unlikely that Cleveland genuinely considered any candidate other than John Dorsey.

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10 comments on “Packers Interviewed Doug Whaley

  1. YankeesBillsNets305

    Well the Packers just avoided trading 2 first rounders for an overrated WR and picking a terrible QB in the first round. Whaley should never be given another job in an NFL front office

  2. 1312

    Who is “Murphy”? The article includes a quote from him but never directly addresses who he is. This makes the story difficult to understand. I notice this a lot on this site.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      That would be Packers CEO Mark Murphy. They copy and pasted from the article in the link.

  3. thebfr21

    He got interviewed cause he’s black and was never going to be hired because the Packers knew who they wanted.. No self respecting person should ever take an interview like this.. Or like the one for the Raiders.. When they already know who they want..

  4. halos101

    I’m sorry but as a packer fan i do not want to hear the CEO of the pack is a bills fan

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