Belichick Did Most To Sway McDaniels?

Josh McDaniels‘ seminal Tuesday in Foxborough included conversations with both Robert and Jonathan Kraft, but afternoon discussions with Bill Belichick had the most influence on the longtime Patriots OC, Mike Reiss of reports.

Belichick’s offer included involving McDaniels in conversations about the inner workings of the franchise, from roster construction to cap considerations, and Reiss reports the 42-year-old OC viewed this opportunity as “extremely valuable.”

While Reiss reports Belichick did not explicitly talk McDaniels out of going to the Colts, he could see his longtime assistant was wavering on this decision. The hours of meetings with the Patriots on Tuesday led to a five-minute phone call with Chris Ballard on Tuesday nightReiss notes. While Ballard wished McDaniels luck and didn’t try to talk him out of the about-face maneuver, Reiss reports the second-year GM was “pissed and angry” because this decision “blindsided” him.

Ballard and McDaniels had spoken earlier that morning, with the second-year Colts GM calling to check in on McDaniels and finalize plans for his Wednesday arrival in Indiana. The would-be Colts coach informed Ballard his press conference suit was already chosen, per Reiss. But this obviously changed once Patriots brass — whom multiple outlets have reported did not exercise previous opportunities during the season to express their desire to keep McDaniels — went to work.

However, Reiss notes McDaniels has said privately in the past he does not want to succeed Belichick as HC. He might not have a choice, in the event McDaniels wants to rebuild his reputation as a head coach after a dubious run with the Broncos, after the events of this week.

I don’t think he can ever be a head coach in the NFL,” a former GM told ESPN’s Mike Sando. “I wouldn’t take a chance hiring him. I know it is a stressful time, but what happens again with Josh when the s— gets tight? Does he do the same thing? That is what I would worry about in hiring him as a head coach. That is why I would just pass.

If the owner develops a relationship with him, he has a chance, but GMs will be scared to death.”

McDaniels and perennial GM candidate Nick Caserio‘s close relationship may be the biggest key to a possible chance outside of New England, if/when Caserio takes a GM job. But for now, these two and Belichick will remain as the Patriots’ top decision-makers.

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12 comments on “Belichick Did Most To Sway McDaniels?

  1. T-Dawg

    I just read this whole article, and it told me nothing I didn’t already know! We are dumber for having read it, and I award you no points! May god have mercy on your soul!

    • ChiTownFanTilDeath

      I agree nothing different than what has already been reported. Truly a worthless article. He must have to write something even if just re-written to keep his job

  2. stubby66

    Who really cares McDaniels is a chump and is act has gotten old, people will enjoy watching him fail in the future

  3. Z-A

    Develops a relationship with him… like in New England with… Kraft? Thanks unnamed GM.

  4. axisofhonor25

    Please let me know when we have a real reason why McDaniels flaked because I’m tired of reading that it was because of Belichick. We already know this. I’m sure the conversation for 5 min was not a pretty one.

  5. GoldenJabs

    Say it ain’t so Sam !! No wait, actually everyone else knows this already! This should be a copyright infraction… #statingtheobvious #nothingnewtoreport #dotheypayyouforthiscrap

  6. dcahen

    These articles are more bs all the time, oooh, Kraft & Belichick talked him into this or that. What a load of crap. This was a scam from the get go. McDaniels was never going to Indy, the meetings Tuesday were discussing how much money he’d get for his Oscar like acting performance in not 1 but 2 interviews. Kraft,Belichick , & Brady have not yet gotten over Indy’s role in turning them in for Deflategate. The Patriots again break the rules, but in their mind, it’s the Colts’ fault not theirs.


    McDaniels need to go to be a colts new head coach what Kraft belichick tom Brady what to keep McDaniels and he need to go now out patriots

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