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Recently, Johnny Manziel‘s agent set a deadline of January 31 for the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats to present his client with a deal to his liking. That date has come and gone, but the Ti-Cats say that they will continue to pursue a deal with the troubled quarterback. Johnny Manziel (vertical)

While the discussions with Johnny Manziel and his representative have been very cordial and informative, there is nothing imminent and nothing to report. We will continue to do our due diligence and will have no further public comment on the matter as we move forward,” the team said in a statement.

Manziel’s camp is trying to play hardball with Hamilton, but the reality is that the QB doesn’t have many options on the table. So far, no NFL team has been willing to take a chance on the former first-round pick, not even on a practice squad deal. The Tiger-Cats hold the CFL’s exclusive negotiating rights for Manziel and the north-of-the-border league is the best professional platform for Manziel to showcase himself. Ultimately, he may have no choice but to accept whatever offer is put in front of him.

In his statement last month, agent Erik Burkhart said that he was seeking a contract in line with what other Ti-Cats QBs have received in recent years. As’s Kevin Seifert notes, last year’s starter Zach Collaros earned about $500K in 2017.

For his part, Manziel doesn’t seem to think the two sides are far apart in negotiations (Twitter link).

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18 comments on “Latest On Johnny Manziel

  1. keepit simple

    Who cares about Johnny Manziel? The guy can’t play anymore whether it is in the Canadian League or Arena Football. The guy is a burn-out and his best days are long behind him. Don’t forget he and his family have been a cancer where ever they go…..who needs it with all the distractions and drama? Move forward and sign a “real” football player not a has been asshole drunk.

  2. Phattey

    Rooting for ya Johnny best of luck man hope to see you back in the league soon

    • Maize

      Agreed. I was never a Manziel fan when he played, but who doesn’t like a comeback story? To the people above telling him to go away, give him a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes and his talent is for real. Would you complain the same way about Josh Gordon?

      • willthathrill

        As long as colin kaepernick doesnt come back im fine with johnny football coming back.

      • Josh Gordon admits his fault and actually tries to get clean. He’s checked himself into rehab multiple times. Johnny Narcissist is only interested in partying and having a good time. Huge difference between the two.

  3. WazBazbo

    I can’t even imagine the nerve and arrogance it takes for a man who burned ALL his bridges in American football thinking he can make demands and deadlines in regards to ANYBODY who might be willing to pay him.

  4. jonnyj

    He really is a d bag, the only chance he has left and is gonna let his agent piss it away?

  5. This drunken excuse for a football player has the balls to say he wishes the worst on the Browns who babied him trying to get him to use his talent. Now he thinks he has leverage with the CFL. Some day this immature playboy will realize everyone is tired of his act and just wants him to go away.

  6. Z-A

    Asian football league is looking for players. He’d also be taller than most of the players.

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