Colts To Keep Matt Eberflus

Josh McDaniels bailed on the Colts, but the Colts are not bailing on his would-be assistants. At least, not the ones that have already signed contracts. On Wednesday morning, GM Chris Ballard confirmed that defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and other coaches who inked deals with the team will be staying on board. Matt Eberflus (Vertical)

In addition to Eberflus, Dave DeGuglielmo (offensive line) and Mike Phair (defensive line) have also inked deals, so they’ll still have a place on the staff. That still leaves some key openings, like offensive coordinator, so the Colts’ next coach can at least choose some of his own assistants.

Prior to the McDaniels debacle, it was reported that the team was pushing for Darrell Bevell to be the new offensive coordinator while McDaniels was pushing for Raiders quarterbacks coach Jake Peetz. The Colts may still try to bring Bevell into the mix, but they may also leave it up to the next coach given that he’ll be made to work with McDaniels’ hires.

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16 comments on “Colts To Keep Matt Eberflus

      • ThePriceWasRight

        they’ve been trying to push bovell on a new coach. if they are essentially valuing bovell that highly, just hire him.

        McDaniels may have bailed but the Colts process is severely flawed

      • qbass187

        Yeah!!! How dare he not allow one of his own long time staff to get poached by a direct competitor!!!

        You sound like a complete moron.

      • ThePriceWasRight

        how is Kraft a joke? maybe look at the team who has been trying to force an OC on their new head coach. if they love bovell so much just hire him already.

    • One Fan

      Colts are not a joke at all. They have handled this with class dignity and precision

  1. sluman46953

    why would anyone blame the colts.. brady vs luck.. well LOL… BRADY FUMBLE ENDED IT. HAHA

  2. axisofhonor25

    I’m really glad that they didn’t hire an OC before McDaniels pulled what he did. That would have put the team in even more of a precarious situation because then they have to for sure find a replacement coach that would mesh well with OC given the the team is built around offense and Luck. But boy they still got work to do.

    • ThePriceWasRight

      You do understand that part of the reason this has panned out this way is the Colts essentially handcuffing a coach to bring in bovell as OC. They might as well hire this guy as the coach as they’ve been valuing him more than the coaches they’ve interviewed.

  3. JT19

    I wonder how much say, if any, the Colts front office had in hiring these assistant coaches. As in, was the decision to bring these guys aboard solely and completely McDaniels (with approval by the front office/ownership obviously) or were these guys that the front office kind of pushed on to McDaniels? I mean it seems odd that you would sign new assistant coaches before getting the HC to actually sign his contract (aside from the fact that McDaniels backed out of his deal). I can see if there was competition for these guys and the Colts wanted to get them signed asap, but something just seems so off about this whole mess. If the Colts front office basically demanded that McDaniels hire certain guys to be his assistant coaches, it would potentially shed some light on why McDaniels backed out.

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