Rapoport On Bryant, Cobb, Nelson, Murray

It’s cutting season, and there are several big name veterans on the chopping block. Here’s the latest from NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport (video links):

  • Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is a candidate for release, but Rapoport’s understanding is that Dallas plans to move forward with him, in part because of all of the resources they have already invested in him. It’s far from a lock that he’ll return under his current contract, however. Bryant, who will turn 30 during the upcoming season, is due a base salary of $12.5MM in 2018. The Cowboys could ask Bryant to accept a pay cut/extension that will make his contract a bit more palatable.
  • The Packers have two big-name WRs of their own who could be cap casualties. Rapoport gets the sense that either Randall Cobb or Jordy Nelson will be shown the door. Based on recent production, it could be Cobb who is cut loose. Cobb is slated to carry a $12.72MM cap hit in the final year of his deal, but the team can save $9.47MM with just $3.25MM in dead money if they release him.
  • Rapoport speculates that the Titans could cut running back DeMarco Murray, which makes sense given the presence of Derrick Henry. Murray is slated to count for $6.75MM against the cap this year and next, but those are completely non-guaranteed seasons. In 2017, the 30-year-old finished with 659 fewer rushing yards than he amassed in 2016, a Pro Bowl campaign. His yards-per-carry average also dipped from 4.4 to 3.6.
  • Tyrod Taylor is a release candidate for the Bills, but Rapoport rightly notes that the team is more likely to trade him given the need for quarterbacks around the league.
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12 comments on “Rapoport On Bryant, Cobb, Nelson, Murray

  1. chgobangbang

    Let’s see if cowboys have a big enough sack to cut Bryant . It’s a captain obvious choice

      • Phillies7459

        I hate Jerry Jones. He’s riding a dead horse with Jason Garrett as head coach and won’t cut the drama queen that is Dez. We need to start the **** over with Dak and Zeke. – cowboys fan

        • whibbits

          Garret should have been gone a long time ago… but he’s a yes man. His job will be safe because he strokes Jerrah’s ego

    • JT19

      If the Cowboys are able to convince Dez to take a paycut, that would be better than straight cutting him. Jason Witten is the only other WR/TE that teams would gameplan for so at the very least having Dez Bryant still around should open up the passing game. Dez is still a very talented receiver. The team’s shifting philosophy to a run-first game plan as opposed to a more pass-first game plan they had with Romo is the main reason why Dez’s numbers are dropping, not because he’s a drama queen or a character concern.

      • whereslou

        Dez’s numbers are dropping because of all the balls he’s dropping. I hope they keep him and Garrett and Jones keeps on becoming the new Al Davis. Crazy old man that runs his team into the ground. They are America’s team the team that most of America hates.

  2. JT19

    Doubt any team considers trading for Taylor until Cousins signs. Even then, I doubt the Bills manage to get much, if anything, back in a trade since the rest of the league knows Buffalo don’t view Taylor as a long-term option and would likely end up cutting him where teams can try to sign Taylor without having to give up draft compensation.

    • jb19

      Agreed. Plus he’s overrated to begin with. I doubt any team in the league views him as a long term option. He’s more of a bridge qb or upper tier backup.

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