AFC East Notes: Patriots, Amendola, Jets

Here’s a look at the AFC East:

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7 comments on “AFC East Notes: Patriots, Amendola, Jets

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    Jets should cut all 3 players. They need to set a positive example for once. Pats need to move on from the older guys at skill positions like WR/TE. They’re resembling George Allen’s Redskins anymore.

    • A lively day of action in the AFC East.

      Amendola: Amendola is a very good third receiver. He’s not a true receiver two, let alone a receiver one. He’s never broken 1000 yards in a season. What’s most special about Amendola’s play is his rapport with Tom Brady. That doesn’t come with a transfer and will take a year or two to build up with a new quarterback (even if the two of them hit it off). At that point, Amendola is in retirement. There’s only one good buyer for Amendola and that’s the Patriots. It looks like Danny Boy will never get the big payday he deserves.

      Jets: Robby Anderson is a very talented receiver. Cutting him so quickly would be both unfair and a mistake. An American police officer could create that list of charges from running a single red light, particularly if the target is black. Robby Anderson deserves his day in court before we pass judgement.

      • supercarnie

        I think he definitely got the payday he deserved. The guy has never had over 700 receiving yards in a season and made over $30 million dollars. Despite his middling performance he also has struggled to stay on the field throughout his career.

        • Some of those Super Bowl runs would have been harder without Amendola but you’re right his season touchdown totals are not particularly impressive either. Point well taken.

          After taxes that $30 million is more like $15 million which is not a whole lot to live on as a “star” NFL player for ten years (there’s some lifestyle choices made for you). I could get by on that though. Keep in mind if Amendola has not banked that money, life after football (or sports) is not generally kind to long term athletes. That $15 million is basically all the money he’ll ever see. Hopefully Amendola has kept his lifestyle in check and has a low burn rate.

  2. cwhy

    Houston should try and bring Amendola in on a 1 year deal. They need WR’s and he would be a great fit as a #3 guy in the slot and he is from the area

  3. padam

    “We have some updates on the Jets‘ police blotter…”

    It’s a shame when you have a team police report lined up next to the IR report.

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