Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict Facing Suspension

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s Performance Enhancing Drug policy, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). He’ll presumably appeal, though no hearing date has been set as of this writing. 

Burfict is no stranger to suspensions, but this marks his first potential ban for PEDs. In the past, Burfict has been sidelined for violations of league safety rules.

In the 2016 playoffs, Burfict was penalized for an illegal hit to the head on Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, which led to a suspension to start the 2016 season. In 2017, he was handed a five-game ban for a hit made on Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman in the preseason. That suspension was later reduced to three games.

Between injuries and suspensions, Burfict has missed 28 regular season games over the past four years. Still, he is among the very best at his position. Last year, Burfict managed 69 tackles and 1.5 sacks in his partial season.

If Burfict loses his appeal, the guarantees in his three-year, $33MM contract will void, as Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) notes. If that $11.3MM guarantee is wiped out, the Bengals will have the ability to move on from Burfict – if they want to – without fiscal penalty.

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29 comments on “Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict Facing Suspension

  1. JT19

    The Bengals really should just cut him at this point. He’s not doing anything to enhance the image of the franchise and has seemed to be off the field in the past few seasons more than he is actually on the field. No amount of talent is worth this much of a headache (in regards to illegal/dirty plays and suspensions) over multiple years.

  2. Strauss

    He’s always facing a suspension. Cinncinnati fans must be so proud of this group of thugs. This jackass is the biggest thug of them all.

      • connfyoozed

        Why should he be mad? Bengal fans should be mad. Fans of the other 31 teams are laughing our collective behinds off.

        • JrMint

          Laugh it up, you know you’d love him if he was making tackles for your team.

    • djtommyaces

      This dude would be on food stamps if there wasn’t an NFL. No other job in America would put up with an employee like him. But this is the NFL so it’s a slap on the wrist

  3. PasswordIsPassword

    Sadly, I don’t think the Bengals care about their reputation (see Jones, Adam). Can you imagine the outrage from some of the West Siders whining if the Bengals did cut Burfict though?

    • BAINES03

      I agree. Marvin Lewis has no problems littering his team with criminals. And even though he continues to lose he still has a job… and so will they.

    • slpdajab55

      I’m a Bengal fan. Yes this is sucks. I think he should be cut because it’s always something with him. However, for those of you who classify “ The Bengals “ as thugs and Marvin Lewis and his criminals… every team has these issues. If you google nfl teams with the most arrests in the past 10 years .. it’s not the Bengals .. you’d be shocked. 2 bad eggs can make things more overhyped than they really are. Thanks media. But yes, cut him, it’s getting exhausting.

  4. Bob Knob

    This guy is a prime example of why the NFL is suffering a negative backlash and fewer viewers.
    Alot of other great entertainment/relaxation options nowadays for Sunday afternoons !

    NFL : Here’s a primary reason many fans (ex-fans) are getting disgusted with your sport.

    • LordBanana

      People aren’t watching NFL because a player is alleged to have done PEDs? Makes sense…..

      • Bob Knob

        “Here’s a primary reason …”
        – meant to focus on this jerk and jerks like him (not specifically illegal PED usage)

        How many jerks ?
        Here’s some numbers – not names – from :

        link to

  5. gmoney545

    Can’t say I’m shocked Vontaze and pac man are cancers those 2 cost them a playoff game and countless penalties and suspensions.

  6. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I really want to see Roger Goodell use this idiot in some of those United Way commercials.

  7. Edmund Dantes

    All right meow, you guys are being hard on Burfect meow. I think he’s in big trouble meow. He’ll likely get a long suspension meow. But meow he might learn something. Especially meow that these posts are so hard on him.

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