Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch Accepts Pay Cut

Marshawn Lynch is staying put, but on a revised contract. The Raiders running back has agreed to shave the base value of his deal by $500K, bringing him to $5.5MM for the coming year, according to Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter). In exchange for that concession, he is now “practically guaranteed” $4.5MM of that sum, rather than nothing. He can earn up to $9.25MM in total with incentives. 

Lynch received his $1MM roster bonus on Sunday, indicating that he would be a part of the team in 2018. Previously, there was some question about that given the presence of new coach Jon Gruden and the recent signing of Doug Martin to a one-year deal. Had he not accepted the pay cut, it’s possible that Oakland would have moved on from him over the weekend.

Last year, lynch averaged 4.3 yards per carry and scored seven touchdowns. When compares to Martin’s 2.9 yards per carry in each of the last two seasons, one has to imagine that Lynch will have the inside track on being the team’s primary running back. DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard, holdovers from last year’s roster, also remain with the club.

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6 comments on “Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch Accepts Pay Cut

    • Skullking

      They cut his SALARY by 500k. He’s still on the team, and now is basically uncuttable thanks to this restructure

  1. Smartz1

    I think you missed the point being made by the first poster. The article insinuates that had he not taken the 500k reduction, that the Raiders would have cut him. They are questioning the logic of basing that decision on such a small sum. That’s my interpretation anyway.


    I agree with the sentiment here. $500k would never be a factor, nevermind the lone factor, in a team’s decision to either keep their Pro-Bowl caliber player coming off a relatively good season despite having played in an entirely new offensive system or to let him walk. Doug Martin has only had two good seasons in the NFL. His most recent good season was cut short because he was suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. His other good season was during his rookie season when he seemed unstoppable and I guarantee that he was on those same PED’s that year too and just didn’t get caught.

    My only guess would be that Jon Gruden became a fan of Doug Martin’s last season while broadcasting and immediately went out to get him. I predict the same goes for Jordy Nelson because getting him also makes no sense. When Chip Kelly arrived in Philadelphia he immediately got rid of two senior outspoken Pro-Bowl players in LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson because he knew they had the locker room and if he started to fail like he did, he would lose the entire locker room. I believe Jon Gruden was trying to do the same thing. He got ride of Michael Crabtree already who is as good as Jordy Nelson, cheaper priced, and younger. His next move was to probably get rid of Marshawn Lynch but Lynch has earned enough respect for someone to speak up.
    They probably said that Lynch has a big draw for fans being that he’s an Oakland native himself, he came out of retirement to play there, and that letting him finish his career there would be best move for business and Raider history in general. Gruden probably eventually caved and to be petty said if they could get him to play for less money then he eould take that as a sign that Lynch is committed to the team.

    Truth is, I know nothing. But I feel like this theory I just pulled out of thin air doesn’t necessarily sound so out of the realm of what did actually transpire for Lynch to take a small paycut just to play in Oakland this season.

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