Raiders Sign QB Josh Johnson

One of Jon Gruden‘s final draft picks as Buccaneers head coach was a fifth-round selection of Josh Johnson in 2008, and the quarterback still being active opened the door to a reunion now that Gruden is coaching again.

The Raiders signed Johnson on Monday, according to agent Doug Hendrickson (Twitter link). An Oakland native, Johnson will return to his hometown and rejoin a Gruden staff to continue a nomadic career.

While Johnson has not thrown a pass in a game since 2011, he’s remained on rosters as a backup. Most recently, the Texans added him after Deshaun Watson‘s injury. Johnson’s rookie year came under Gruden, but he didn’t throw his first NFL pass until 2009.

The 31-year-old signal-caller could be in line to become Oakland’s third-string quarterback, behind Derek Carr and Connor Cook.

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13 comments on “Raiders Sign QB Josh Johnson

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      If they need him, he’ll be available. The beauty of a Josh Johnson is you don’t want to ever need him. So, he’s a clipboard. Kaepernick is many things, but a clipboard is not one of them.

      • Dodgethis

        This. A 3rd string QB has a different job than a first or even 2nd string QB. While kaepernick isn’t a starter and really can only be a decent backup for a handful of teams, he will never be a 3rd string QB. You don’t want drama and division from a support staffer.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s probably not a good sign that the CFL had more interest in Manziel than Kappy. Maybe there is a reality TV series in his future.

  1. Craz222

    Kaepernick is untouchable … his career is over. He best figure out another way to make money. He sent a video out of him throwing and missing an uncovered receiver during a throwing session. Not good

  2. Roll

    could you pick atleast a qb with some relevance to Gruden? Lets throw out any random qb name like Dan Orlovsky or Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow or just for the fun of it Colin Kaepernick :)

    • Long Duc Dong

      I will bet you 6 mil yuan they won’t make the playoffs in Chuck’s tenure with the Los Ang… Irwindale Um…..Oakland Raiders

      • crosseyedlemon

        These re-union honeymoons never seem to last long do they? Chucky will probably boost the marketing $ in the short term though which is Davis’s primary concern.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      Gruden’s last season as HC he had Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese, and Josh’s little brother Luke McCown as QBs. The first two are long retired and the last one has been out of the league for a couple years. So, barring a Steve DeBerg type of resurrection, there are no QBs with relevance to Jon Gruden.

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