Fifth-Year Option Salaries Revealed

We now have the numbers on the fifth-year option salaries of players taken in the 2015 draft, courtesy of’s Joel Corry:


Position First 10 picks Picks 11-32
Cornerback $12,353,000 $9,069,000
Defensive end $14,200,000 $9,046,000
Defensive tackle $11,407,000 $7,154,000
Linebacker $12,810,000 $9,232,000
Offensive line $12,525,000 $9,625,000
Punter/kicker $4,493,000 $3,384,000
Quarterback $20,922,000 $14,114,000
Running back $9,630,000 $5,605,000
Safety $9,536,000 $6,266,000
Tight end $8,428,000 $5,398,000
Wide receiver $13,924,000 $9,387,000

Roughly 70% of players taken in the first round from 2011 through 2014 have had their options picked up. Some players from the ’15 class, like quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, have already had their options triggered. Other first-round picks from that year remain in limbo. Teams have until May 3 to make the call.

For a full rundown of players who have had their options picked up, check out PFR’s 2019 Fifth-Year Option Decision Tracker, which has now been updated to reflect the reported values of the additional year for each player.

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