Richie Incognito Says He Will Follow Through On Retirement

On Tuesday morning, Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito indicated that he is considering retirement. His latest comments now suggest that it’s a done deal.

It pisses me the [expletive] off. The contract and all that pissed me [off] and all that, but (retiring) has nothing to do with that,” Incognito said (Twitter link via Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News), which marks a shift from his previous stance that a pay raise could entice him to play one more season.

When asked whether there was a chance he’d change his mind, Incognito said, “Absolutely not.” Just hours earlier, Incognito said that he had until Sunday to figure out his football future, so it’s still a situation worth monitoring.

Incognito, fresh off of a third consecutive Pro Bowl appearance, agreed to take a pay cut for the 2018 season. Weeks later, he fired his agents via Twitter. On the surface, Incognito’s retirement threat looked to be an attempt to recoup that lost money. For his part, the veteran says that he is simply prioritizing his health over future earnings. Incognito told Carucci that his liver and kidneys are “shutting down,” so his best option might be to walk away from football.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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9 comments on “Richie Incognito Says He Will Follow Through On Retirement

    • sports is life

      In what way! His hard work, his community service, his leadership to young players on the team?

      When ppl like you make foolish statements with no factual basis nor first hand knowledge of the player is a great example why the ability to leave comments is questionable.

      Support your babble

      • Michael Chaney

        Are you joking? He’s a headache, and the scandal at the end of his Dolphins tenure is pretty well-known so there’s your factual support

        • sports is life

          I know that the guy here has been for years without any incident.

          As to a guy who was supposed to pick on someone or be racist, explain then why while here in Buffalo he has mentored Miller who is African American and was a rockie and Miller himself has publicly stated without Richie he would not be the player he is today.

          Next Shady who does not mince words nor protect ppl who are racist said “I’ve been around this guy for years now and I think it is pretty hard to put on a show for that long” when asked about the Miami incident.

          Once again it was the media who tried to cause a situation because a crybaby who was failing at football tried to scapegoat both Richie and Pouncey.

          Please stop with the “known” factual fictional argument. And finally ppl change so I telling the guy who has played his ass off in Buffalo is a leader

  1. RockHard

    Can someone explain why his liver and kidneys are shutting down? Is it from the pain killers and supplements he takes to make it through a season?

    • crosseyedlemon

      If pain killers and supplements were causing liver and kidneys to shut down, wouldn’t you expect to see at least half the players in the league with the same problem?

  2. ships1941

    Good, as a Dolphin fan, don’t let the door hit you in the ass . Bye bye

  3. YankeesBillsNets305

    Lesean McCoy offered Incognito $150k cash on Instagram if he came back and helped Shady to 1500 yards lol

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