Rob Gronkowski Angling For New Contract?

Still not committed to playing in 2018, Rob Gronkowski will not be in attendance Monday when the Patriots begin their offseason program. But the All-Pro tight end’s been working out independently, and some of his reported dissatisfaction with Bill Belichick may again be contract-related.

Gronkowski wants a raise from his current contract, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports, adding that it appears to be an open secret the superstar pass-catcher is upset. Gronk signed his current contract way back in 2012; that deal that still has two years remaining on it.

Belichick’s issues with trainer Alex Guerrero also factor into this, with Volin writing that Gronkowski is “openly feuding” with the New England head coach about his relationship with Guerrero. Gronk has taken Tom Brady‘s side when it comes to Guerrero, per Volin, crediting the trainer’s methods with helping him stay healthy last season — which came after a back injury cut his 2016 slate short.

Gronk will turn 29 next month and must attend 90 percent of the Patriots’ offseason workouts to collect a $250K bonus, per Joel Corry of CBS Sports (on Twitter). That works out to a maximum of three absences, and Volin notes Gronkowski appears fine with forgoing that six-figure check. The Pats can only dock Gronk $84K if he misses their June minicamp.

Set for a base salary of $8MM this year, Gronkowski has seen another wave of pass-catchers cash in for far more than what he’s making. Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson play a more valued position, but their accomplishments and per-year salaries ($16MM and $14MM, respectively) look strange when compared directly with Gronkowski’s. He stands to earn $9MM in base salary in 2019. While that’s not entirely out of step with tight ends, career backup Trey Burton just signed for $8MM AAV. And Gronk could make an argument he’s not only the best tight end in the game, but with four first-team All-Pro distinctions (only one other Patriot, John Hannah, has more), is on his own tier at this position presently and deserves to earn significantly more than his peers. Of course, his injury history affects this situation as well.

Gronkowski’s grumbling about his deal last year prompted the Patriots to add an incentive package to it, and by virtue of that All-Pro honor, he maxed out those incentives. It may take more than that to get Gronkowski back to the facility this time around.

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11 comments on “Rob Gronkowski Angling For New Contract?

  1. Clark K

    im Honestly getting annoyed. I’m at the point where it’s like please trade him so we don’t have to deal with this anymore he’s becoming a headache, this offseason with his injury history its too much. If I feel this way then I’m sure Kraft and BB do too

    • bostonbob

      Smh, think about what you just said. He is injury prone and you want two first rounders. Won’t happen!!

      • rusty.coqbern

        Why not? Everyone in the friggin world think he’s God still (the name alone assures a full stadium at bare minimum)..

        Also, you don’t think we shouldn’t try to get two 1st rounders for him? We need to make up for the Jimmy G trade somehow.. And there are still owners (Like Jones) that would love to get a big target in Dallas (especially after cutting Bryant).. That egomaniac would give NE a package of picks for him.. I’m sure AZ, CLE, SF and a few others would make a play with multiple picks (equivalent to two 1sts)..

  2. Gubb1

    Ya I’m done with Gronk, time to move on. His mind is on everything but football

    • jrwhite21

      He won’t ask. He knows the pats will only trade him if they can get maximum value

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Looks like Dez isn’t the only player who might miss out on the “love plan”.

  4. cka2nd

    I don’t even particularly like the guy but he is arguably the best tight end in the history of the game (I’m still clinging to John Mackey, but even I have to admit that Gronk is more than just “in the discussion”), just averaged the second most yards per reception of his career and made his fourth first-team All-Pro list and whiny Pats fans want to be done with him? Are you out of your friggin’ minds?!?

    Gods, spare me from mindgame-playing head coaches and whiny fans with recent Super Bowl trophies.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think Iron Mike was probably the original prototype that eventually evolved into a Gronk fashioned TE. Still love watching that old video of Ditka decking a dopey fan on the field.

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