Judge Dismisses Domestic Violence Charge Against Reuben Foster

A judge has dismissed a domestic violence charge against 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee (Twitter links). Judge Nona Klippen has also dismissed another charge relating to Foster purportedly smashing his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone as she was attempting to contact police, and reduced the weapons charge against Foster from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Foster’s ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, testified last week that she fabricated allegations against Foster. After originally claiming Foster had beaten her and thrown her down stairs, Ennis admitted that her visible injuries had actually been suffered during a fight with another woman. Ennis, angry over a reported breakup between she and Foster, wanted to take Foster “down” by pinning domestic violence charges on him.

Although Ennis recanted her allegations, the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office did not drop charges against Foster. Nevertheless, Judge Klippen made “multiple references” to insufficient evidence in her ruling, tweets Nick Wagoner of ESPN.com, an indication that she was satisfied with Ennis’ re-telling of events.

The 49ers had been adamant that they would quickly release Foster if any domestic violence accusations were proven true, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue any longer. Foster will need to appear in court for his now-misdemeanor weapons charge, and is also facing a marijuana charge in Alabama. While neither offense may result in much legal action, Foster could still be subject to an NFL-imposed suspension.

Now that the domestic violence charges against Foster have been dropped, he will be allowed to rejoin the 49ers as early as Thursday, the club announced today.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Judge Dismisses Domestic Violence Charge Against Reuben Foster

  1. theking24

    Rejoice Niners fans. Hopefully he stays out of trouble and won’t be facing a lengthy suspension from the NFL

  2. Rondon

    The one who should be charged here is the woman for false allegations and slander.

    • WazBazbo

      Especially after admitting under oath that she made the allegations in order to ruin his life.

      • Ironman_4life

        Hey long time no see Waz. Im from California(the very liberal part) and its not really a crime to lie in court or to police.

          • Ironman_4life

            Proposition 47 and ab109 make a laundry list of felonies a misdemeanor. My point being its not a serious enough offense to spend money and time worrying about. Even robbery under $900 is a misdeameanor and is say that’s more serious. It would be like having the swat team surround a house for a 20 sack of pot

            • WazBazbo

              I completely agree with you that some priorities are way out of whack! Still seems like you could do something to somebody who admits that they did what they could to destroy your career (the team had already announced that they’d drop him if the charges held), which seems serious… but, as you properly pointed out, there’s a LOT of weirdness in the world to worry about!!

  3. joeyrocafella

    So she clearly tells a judge that she made up the story… And there is still expected to be an “NFL-imposed suspension”?? That doesn’t set a good precedent.

    • tharrie0820

      There’s still the gun charges that got reduced from a felony due to him being famous…

      • JFree47

        He legally purchased the firearm while living in Alabama. It’s not like he illegally obtained a non registered gun. It has nothing to do with being famous

  4. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I’m usually the first one to point out that women lie sometimes, allegations aren’t fact, that false accusers should face charges, etc.

    But if I had to guess, I’d say she is lying now and is simply willing to be abused to have access to his money and lifestyle.

    Having said that, that would mean she perjured herself, so between possible perjury or the false accusation she admitted to, she should be charged with something.

  5. walshanater

    I once thought that fried chicken was the one thing that kept me going in life. I was wrong. It was fried chicken, and grape Coolaid.

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