Pats Owner: “No Truth” To Gronk Trade Talk

The internet was abuzz with unsubstantiated rumors of Rob Gronkowski potentially being traded last week. On Tuesday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft felt compelled to set the record straight and let everyone know that such talk was “hogwash.” 

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Kraft even went so far as to say “that was never in the works…that was just completely made up.” One could be forgiven for being skeptical about that part of Kraft’s statement. After Gronkowski threatened to retire in the offseason – potentially because of his unhappiness with the “Patriot Way” – it would have made sense for the Patriots to explore a Gronkowski trade.

Although Gronkowski (and Tom Brady) reported to the Pats last week, the duo is not expected to reappear for team practices until July. Between now and September, you can expect the Pats and Gronkowski to discuss some revisions to the tight end’s contract. If those talks don’t produce results, the Gronk trade speculation could pick up once again.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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5 comments on “Pats Owner: “No Truth” To Gronk Trade Talk

  1. Rocket32

    Yes, because a super bowl contender is going to trade away the best TE in the sport and a key cog of their offense. People can make up all the rumors of drama that they want and talk and speculate about discord within the organization all they want. Meanwhile the outside talk will have zero effect as usual and they dominate in the regular season, win the division, and go on another deep postseason run once again. Are people hoping the more they say these things and bring it up it will eventually become true?

    • ray_derek

      they don’t need him, plus they can sell high on a season he was relatively healthy. not sure why the wouldn’t explore a trade possibility, especially if a team was willing to “overbid”.

    • justinept

      They’ve traded away equally important pieces in the past. The only player NE doesn’t consider expendable is Brady.

      • bradthebluefish

        Brady isn’t expendable. He’s the 2017 MVP on a affordable contract. Garappolo got a more expensive contract for just being Brady’s backup. I’d rather have best QB AND save money at the same time.

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