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The Bills report to training camp July 26, but it’s not certain LeSean McCoy will be there.

The matter of his possible involvement in a home invasion and assault of his ex-girlfriend continues, and the attorney for Delicia Cordon said her client “believes very strongly” McCoy was involved.

She absolutely thinks Mr. McCoy had something to do with it,” Tanya Mitchell Graham said in an email response to Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “She believes anyone else involved was likely contacted by someone else on behalf of Mr. McCoy.”

Skurski notes Graham wanted to clear up some confusion last week, when she said neither she nor Cordon had indicated directly McCoy was involved in an incident that left his ex-girlfriend badly bruised. Graham responded that her client still believes McCoy was involved to some degree.

McCoy, 30, denied he was involved, saying he was in Miami at the time of the invasion. But Graham previously said the assailant demanded specific jewelry items from Cordon, items Graham said were gifts from McCoy to his ex and items he’d demanded back on “many occasions.” Court records over the past year show McCoy and Cordon argued over jewelry while additionally indicating McCoy attempted to have Cordon removed from the home and retrieve items that belonged to him. A police investigation is ongoing, as is an NFL inquiry.

An eviction hearing was scheduled to take place on Aug. 14, Skurski reports. Cordon has since moved out of the house, Graham said.

I mentioned that I had a conversation with our client about the ‘criminal burden of proof,’ which is a higher standard than a civil burden of proof, and ‘probable cause’ – legal terms,” Graham said, via Skurski. “At this time, there is circumstantial evidence, which is not significant enough probable cause for an arrest; so, I said you can’t blame Mr. McCoy without additional evidence.

This matter is under investigation, and we should allow the City of Milton (Ga.) Police and their detectives to do their job. I think either the way I said that, or the way it was interpreted caused some confusion to suggest that my client was backtracking. She is not. I was just trying to explain the legalities of the incident.”

Due to the ongoing investigation, McCoy could be a candidate for the commissioner’s exempt list. This would sideline him indefinitely from the Bills.

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18 comments on “Latest On LeSean McCoy

  1. jorge78

    Love of material possessions is never a good thing. If he’s involved the cops will find out. Electronic footprints are everywhere.
    No person is an island. Not anymore. We shall see…..

  2. Shady is going down in a Rae Carruth kinda way after a full investigation. Career will be over and he will be behind bars for a long time.

  3. sports is life

    Just bc a person thinks another might be involved does not mean a damn thing. It’s a slippery slope when we rush to judgement and assume guilt. If and when McCoy is found guilty then and only then should he be stopped from performing his job. I’ll reserve judgement until after the investigation is completed.

    • Polish Hammer

      So you think it was all just a coincidence the girl he was beefing with was roughed up and robbed specifically for the jewelry he’s been unable to get back from her? And because he was in Miami there’s no way he could have been involved? SMH, there are some dumb people out there, and McCoy is at the top of the list…

    • 22gigantes

      There’s more evidence that Hillary Clinton used her personal email server for classified business than there is that Shady was involved in this mess. And look where that’s gotten Clinton. Scott free.

  4. trump2020

    Well she didn’t die. So it’s not like Rae Carruth. But he will get his. He’s soooooo guilty it’s laughable.

    • sports is life

      So again, a woman has never ever ever had been pissed off? Being in her eyes, used for sex, had the money and way of life she was comfortable with taken away and said screw him, then staged an attack?

      Never happens?

      Please the simple fact is there is a process that every person is afforded UNTIL PROVEN guilty.

  5. mriescher

    What if she had someone come to the house rough her up a bit…… frames McCoy, gets him to pay a large settlement to make it all go away!!! I don’t know what happened just putting that out there for everybody saying he is guilty. Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?

    • turkmurpson

      It happens all the time. I’m just glad Roger Goodell isn’t involved in the investigation.

    • asuchrisc

      Did you see the images? That was more than roughed up a bit. Whoever did this is a sorry excuse for a human being.

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