Browns To Meet With Dez Bryant

The Browns are expecting a visit from free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant during the middle of next week, likely Thursday, Ian Rapoport of tweets. Rapoport notes that Bryant has been waiting for the right fit, so Bryant’s sense of how well he meshes with the personnel in Cleveland could be as important as whatever contract offer they make. 

On Thursday, GM John Dorsey told reporters that Bryant would not return his phone calls. The unorthodox decision to make that news public appears to have paid off. On Thursday night, Bryant tweeted that he would in fact be meeting with the Browns.

Bryant’s willingness to play for Cleveland had been in doubt, but it sounds like he’s at least open to the possibility. And, without a clear group of suitors here in August, Bryant may not have a ton of options left. That’s not to say that landing with the Browns would be a bad outcome for Bryant – this year’s Browns are clearly a more talented bunch than last year’s, and he will have extra opportunities to shine if star Josh Gordon misses regular season games. Even if Gordon is good to go, there should be plenty of deep ball opportunities for him, and he can take advantage of softer coverage as teams focus Gordon and slot star Jarvis Landry.

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13 comments on “Browns To Meet With Dez Bryant

  1. Rocket32

    He might want to be careful rejecting offers and not returning calls or he’ll run out of options. Dez needs to accept he isn’t a star anymore and he needs to grow up and get over Dallas. If not he may find himself out of the league. Either he’s not that committed to the game anymore or he’s still foolishly waiting for the NFC EAST offer that’s not coming.

  2. Polish Hammer

    Shame on Cleveland, after this clown dissed you like that you should’ve just ignored him.

      • jkoms57

        That would be too funny.. Getting played by the Browns.

        I think Dez signs AFC North, considering all 4 teams could use him to varying degrees, so maybe it could be Dez who has the last laugh.. Since any of the other 3 teams own the Browns butts twice/yr.


    Here comes his self announced team tour that includes Cleveland, and ummmm, Cleveland.

    • crosseyedlemon

      A guy who can’t figure out how to use the redial button on his phone is probably going to be an intellectual match for Hue Jackson though.

  4. justreading

    i may be wrong but still do not believe landry would be happy with bryant being there, landry seems like he wants to be/ was promised he would be top dog

  5. connfyoozed

    Dez Bryant and Josh Gordon. I just cannot see that combination working out very well.

  6. justreading

    unfortunately bryant is going to align himself with the kaepernick and reid camps come september for all the wrong selfish diva mentality high priced reasons

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